Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency

1-800 Accountant

Did you honestly expect to spend so much time laboring over your finances when you first launched your company? You’re not on your own. Various programs offer solely to make such processes more accessible and more time-consuming for small and medium enterprises. In this 1-800 Accountant assessment, we’d like to discuss one of them.




1-800Accountant is a virtual accounting firm that operates across the United States. Its goal is to take care of all of your accounting issues so that you can concentrate on running and developing your company. They mix the efficiency and flexibility of technology with proactive information and support from bookkeepers, accountants, financial consultants, and taxation advisors throughout the year. Payroll services are also available through 1-800Accountant.


Smaller companies need to have the same tax and accounting services as large corporations, which is why 1-800Accountant concentrates on them. This service will help you save time and money while also ensuring your safety. Their experts have always been accessible to address your inquiries and help you plan.


They’ll pair you up with an accountant that specializes in your region and industry so that he can deliver you industry-specific guidance and assistance to run your business more efficiently, save money on taxes, and alleviate confusion.



Customers appreciate how user-friendly their booking platform. With one simple 1-800Accountant registration, you can control your finances from everywhere and on any device using cutting-edge digital technology. You’ll be able to consistently contact your accountant, make and send invoices, record car mileage, and so much more once you’ve completed the 1-800Accountant sign-in and setup procedure. Users can reach out to their accountant through secure messages, calls, emails, or chats.




Every client who purchases one of 1-800Accountant’s programs receives a professional accountant who provides year-round consultation and tax preparation. Your CPA may be able to save you hundreds of dollars, which you may put back into your firm.



You receive limitless accessibility to a bookkeeper who would also help you with your finances and answer your queries with 1-800Accountant’s accounting service. You can also use 1-800Accountant’s application to upload receipts securely.



Your accountant may be your go-to person for all tax-related matters. They can handle your personal and small business taxes for you. Furthermore, its accountants can provide you with tax preparation ideas to help you save money around tax time.


Smart Taxes

Receiving an audit notification might be frightening. Fortunately, 1-800Accountant’s Tax-Smart service combines the tax as mentioned above guidance and preparation with audit defense. Professional Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants are on hand at 1-800Accountant to go over your documents, design and implementation strategy, acquire and organize the relevant documentation, and represent you in front of the IRS.



Payroll is a source of frustration for so many organizations. Mistakes impact your workers’ salary, but there are a slew of standards to observe. All of this is taken care of by 1-800Accountant’s payroll service. Its payroll professionals ensure that your payroll is IRS-compliant, and they supply you with specialized software to streamline employee payroll administration.

App for mobile devices


With 1-800Accountant’s mobile app, you can do your accounting and bookkeeping on the road. The program includes many features, like synchronizing your accounts, uploading invoices, and setting up appointments with your accountant. 




  • Numerous online reviews on Trustpilot praise 1-800Accountant for providing clients with professional accountants. They described the accountants as polite, competent, sincere, and incredibly helpful, particularly in tax matters.
  • Because you can acquire 1-800Accountant’s services a la carte, there are no actual “add-ons.” In terms of integrations, 1-800Accountant’s technology can be linked to your bookkeeping software to sync all of your information.
  • 1-800Accountant connects you with a professional accountant with whom you may speak or book an appointment at any moment. You can reach out to 1-800Accountant’s customer service team by phone or email for more information. Customers in the Executive and Enterprise categories are given priority. 1-800Accountant, like other full-service organizations, has a FAQ section and a learning center. These publications address a wide range of bookkeeping and tax subjects for small businesses.


  • The program can be pretty demanding, especially for larger firms.


1-800Accountant is an excellent option for expanding small and medium businesses that need to outsource their accounting. Though it might be a significant expenditure for some organizations, the tax savings and additional time will almost certainly be worth it. 


1-800Accountant will give your firm financial peace of mind by providing you with a professional accountant and exceptional customer service. Avail their services now and see the difference!

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