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Choosing a WordPress hosting brand that will suit your business needs can be the most critical part of launching a new website for your personal or business needs. The overall status and proficiency of your site rely upon your chosen hosting provider. There are many hosting companies in the industry, but the right one will help you garner higher exposure and sales by improving your site’s SEO.

There are three critical factors to consider when choosing WordPress hosting: speed, uptime, and customer support. These three can make or break your website’s growth. The uptime and speed may vary depending on other factors such as the size of your website and the number of guests who visit the website.

Bluehost is a well-known established hosting service provider among bloggers and business owners inside WordPress


What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is like a house for your website where all the content, files, and images are stored accordingly. This is a hosting service designed primarily to cater to WordPress websites and optimize the accuracy of your site. It also has various features and tools that would make you manage your site most conveniently.

What is Website Hosting?


Understanding WordPress hosting requires general knowledge about web hosting because websites operate from specialized computers known as servers.

A server is like a cabinet where all your documents are stored. The process goes like this: a server receives, stores, and sends data for a website visible on the internet.

Web hosting is like renting servers to run your website. Though it may be possible for you to own a server, considering all the potential costs, training, and time commitment makes most individuals and businesses impractical. And that’s the reason why hosting companies exist; to lend out their servers to website owners.

WordPress hosting is relatively similar to web hosting. The only significant difference between web and WordPress hosting is that the latter’s servers meet the minimum hardware and software requirements to run this particular hosting platform.


List of hosting companies


WordPress is highly in-demand, and that is why almost every reputable company offers WordPress hosting. These companies can provide their clients with several options, from the range of their budget to their particular needs.

Here is the list of well-known hosting companies:



Bluehost is at the top of the list in WordPress hosting, and it is encouraging to know that they are recommended by WordPress.org hosting solution. Also, Bluehost has been very consistent in getting a high rate for small business web hosting. They also have a traditional cPanel dashboard area where you can easily control the hosting.

Bluehost guarantees a fast and reliable service despite experiencing a spike in traffic. The average uptime of Bluehost is 99.95%, with only 38 outages, and its average loading page speed is 249 ms.

The introductory price only costs $2.75 per month, and it can surely give the best cost-value ratio compared to other brands. Also, there is an extensive database of WordPress tutorials so that even beginners can learn how to manage their websites properly.

To make it more exciting, they offer free SSL certificates and a free domain to their users. Bluehost provides 24/7 customer service that is available through email, phone, or even in live chats.




It is undeniable that there are many competitors in the WordPress hosting business, and your choice of hosting company must give you the best feature for the best price.

So, now you are wondering, “Is there a company that can provide me all these?”

Without any doubt, Bluehost is the best and wise option for you. Its customer base of 2 million proves the efficiency and reliability of this software aside from being recognized as a top WordPress hosting platform. It provides excellent value for a reasonable price with lots of inclusive features such as CMS integration and eCommerce plugins.

Their substantial uptime, fast page loading times, and remarkable customer service can assure you of the optimization of your website and will help you to achieve your target sales and goals.

Bluehost has the most affordable starting rate. Once you feel much confident about their services, you can upgrade your start-up plan to their higher-tier plans that would give you advanced security features and domain privacy protection.

If you dream of growing your business inside WordPress, Bluehost can skyrocket your success. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the best with Bluehost!

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