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Written by Michael Lamb Agency




Most freelancers understand that the difficult part isn’t where you have the most enjoyment. It is keeping track of everything that’s the most challenging part. Proposals, contracts, and invoices are required for each venture. You devote as much time to the creation of such records as you do to your actual work.

Bonsai is an online service that aims to make freelancers’ contracting and billing procedures more efficient. The software makes it simple to monitor clients, issue invoices and proposals, and handle your projects all in one place if you’re seeking a more effective method to run your freelancing company.



Bonsai is an all-in-one product suite that allows people to focus on their jobs by eliminating all types of paperwork. In short, this software suite includes everything a freelancer needs to run their business smoothly. Users can keep on with their day-to-day company activities thanks to the software’s automated and integrated architecture, which allows them to manage activities efficiently like an expert. 


Users can create structured proposals, calculate precise estimations, and close deals more quickly. Aside from that, customers may manage their clients and their ongoing tasks all in one spot. They may also easily manage documents, files, track payments, and obtain e-signature on contracts. 


By completing a few basic questions and generating attractive contract templates, Bonsai allows freelancers and agencies to secure their businesses. After pressing the ‘Send’ button, the contract will be electronically e-signed within minutes. Users may keep track of time for each of their projects and tasks, making it easier to manage their activities.




  • Hello Bonsai can assist you with creating your portfolio site, which you will receive a link to. You can save time by utilizing Hello Bonsai instead of creating another portfolio page or using another landing page software. It allows you to connect your GitHub, LinkedIn, Dribbble, and any other accounts you may have.
  • A contact form is another component of Hello Bonsai that is closely tied to the portfolio. Prospective clients can use this contact form to contact you about a job. You can change the look of the contact form whatever you want.
  • Hello Bonsai provides you with a CRM to assist you in keeping track of all the clients you meet while seeking employment.
  • Bonsai can develop and review a contract for you and your customers, which you and your clients can then sign and record online. You’ll be alerted when your client gets and signs your contract, just like with their Proposal product.
  • Bonsai has several keeping tools to assist freelancers in creating unique and professional client proposals. Users can utilize the platform’s proposal template tool to quickly generate and customize recommendations to promptly develop and customize requests using a professionally designed template and then email them directly from the interface.




  • Hello Bonsai provides you with contracts that have been reviewed by a lawyer and that you may submit to your clients. Additionally, contract lawyers and thousands of freelancers who have used them before you have vetted these contracts.
  • You can start a global timer using Hello Bonsai, or click to the “Tasks” area to create a timer unique to the task you’re engaged on.
  • Hello Bonsai has an iPhone and Android app that allows you to view all your info while on the road. There’s also a Mac OS X software that’s primarily used for timekeeping.
  • The dashboard provides an excellent overall picture of ongoing projects and keeps all of your data in one place.
  • Clients can pay you through the site, and the language in the documentation is tailored to your country.


  • The Hello Bonsai accounting tool, unlike some of its competitors, cannot execute complex accounting tasks.
  • Its time tracking tool does not provide evidence of completed work to your client.
  • Hello Bonsai supports only the English language. As a result, individuals who do not speak English will find it challenging to use Hello Bonsai.




If you’re a freelancer handling multiple projects at once—along with all the back-office work that goes along with them—Bonsai Freelancer is worth looking into, as it’s effectively a one-stop-shop for centralizing and streamlining all your administrative needs.

Consider taking advantage of Bonsai’s free trial period if you’re fascinated yet unsure about the monthly charge. After you’ve evaluated the platform in real-time, you’ll be able to tell whether Bonsai’s tools have a significant enough influence on your processes to justify paying for them. We surely recommend that you take advantage of this app. It’s truly worth it.

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