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Written by Michael Lamb Agency




It all boils down to obtaining high-quality leads and cultivating meaningful connections with them to lead generation. To get the same results would require time, work, and a great deal of perseverance.

However, with the correct lead-generating software, business owners, advertisers, and salespeople can get leads that convert more effortlessly. Lead generation software is a platform that enables users to produce and gather information from specified sources, then route them to a sales or marketing team for conversions.

Cleverly is one of the most effective LinkedIn lead creation solutions available. Getting leads is difficult, especially in a crowded business where potential customers believe everyone is vying for their attention. Business owners must improve their lead-generating insights to create significant progress toward their objectives.




Whereas conventional marketing strategies like email blasts used to be sufficient to attract customers, the rise in competition and amount of information is making it even harder for businesses to monitor, reach, and interact with potential clients. Lead generation, or the marketing activity of sparking and capturing interest in a product or service to establish a sales funnel, enables businesses to nurture prospects until they are ready to purchase.


You can raise brand recognition, create relationships, produce quality leads and entire business by implementing a lead-generating campaign. The greater the quality of information you provide to your sales staff, the more likely they are to convert into sales. By demonstrating actual results and establishing yourself to be a valuable member of the revenue team, you are helping your company expand while also increasing the credibility of your advertising department.




Cleverly integrates LinkedIn to create leads with Sales Navigator to streamline and automate lead creation. It provides an entirely accomplished service that includes the best LinkedIn automation tools and creates tried-and-true outreach material, and sends thousands of customized LinkedIn messages to your ideal clients, resulting in favorable answers direct to your inbox. 


Converting your corporate page to a lead-generating page is the first step towards success. This feature guarantees that potential leads transact business when visitors get to the page rather than abandon it. Next, your company page must be set up to continue conversion activities, implying that you’ll need a banner picture to catch their attention and a strong pitch in the company description. 


The software has a treasure box of statistical information on what works and what doesn’t pass to users for the most significant outcomes. This fact is mirrored in their 150+ five-star online reviews, which regularly mention their copywriting and targeting success, excellent client service, seamless onboarding, and LinkedIn competence.


Cleverly LinkedIn lead generation is a business that provides high-performing data from hundreds of successful LinkedIn campaigns across all industries to pinpoint and connect your most qualified decision-makers, bringing them straight into your sales funnel.




  • Writes proven outreach material and sends thousands of customized LinkedIn messages to your dream clients, receiving favorable answers right to your inbox.
  • During onboarding, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager who will organize your launch call and plan one-on-one strategy meetings with you throughout the promotion.
  • Cleverly is a cloud-based premium software. The software team is dedicated to providing you with the greatest possible cloud-based app experience.
  • A complete dashboard with easy-to-find functionalities and the most relevant metrics shown that is clean and straightforward to explore.
  • Because LinkedIn carefully and automatically monitors your account behavior, Cleverly has never had a user banned. You don’t need to establish any restrictions, unlike many Chrome extensions.




  • Cleverly is a very competent and knowledgeable organization when it comes to assisting users in building a solid presence on Linkedin and communicating with their target audience.
  • Cleverly has shown to be an effective tool for expanding a user’s network of high-quality connections and filling customers’ pipelines.
  • Business owners have found a platform to help connect with suitable prospects. Throughout the process, all account managers are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Cleverly gives you the best tool and tried-and-true solutions based on data from thousands of satisfied clients.
  • Cleverly offers free, round-the-clock help via chat, email, and phone.


  • Cleverly is a LinkedIn tool for writing and sending customized messages to your “ideal clients” on the platform. Positive answers are expected to arrive in your mailbox immediately. On the other hand, Cleverly is not the best option if you want to expand your LinkedIn leads and generate more income.
  • Without the done-for-you solution, you won’t be able to use Cleverly’s LinkedIn automation platform. This option isn’t accessible now; however, the team is working on a solution that allows new clients to use their LinkedIn automation tool without utilizing their done-for-you program.


You can’t afford to wait for opportunities to come to you in today’s world. When it comes to the consistency and quality of converted leads, a proactive strategy makes a lot of difference.

Outsourcing lead generation allows you to devote more time to other business development efforts while still guaranteeing that new people see your products or services.

Cleverly gives you the best tool and tried-and-true solutions analysis of data from countless satisfied customers. Your LinkedIn outreach should be scalable safely and efficiently. With Cleverly’s best-in-class LinkedIn automation technology, you may instantly discover hidden sales possibilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Grow your business and discover more opportunities with Cleverly!

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