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Most affiliate marketers and most businesses do not keep track of conversion rates. But, without a doubt, that is the most important thing you can do to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Profits of your services and products can fall flat if you don’t use the proper digital marketing techniques. ClickMeter is a marketing solution that combines several marketing techniques into one, delivering visitor and customer activity data that can help your business grow.

ClickMeter will keep you focused on whether you have a few or a few hundred visitors. The program will deliver the essential information that isn’t skewed by bots, differentiate commissions, and certify your marketing results to your users.




ClickMeter is a web-based tool that can help marketers track, evaluate, and analyze their efforts. The service keeps track of operations across channels and generates a comprehensive report on their status.

Businesses can use ClickMeter to determine how many people visited a specific page on their site, where they are from, and how interested they are in purchasing. They can focus on initiatives that earn the most money for them instead of spending money on tactics that aren’t fit for their organization by examining such statistics.




  • ClickMeter is easy-to-use software. Setting up and operating the platform does not necessitate the use of any codes or in-depth technical skills. This feature implies that anyone can easily track and analyze their marketing efforts using the tools provided.
  • Companies, marketers, affiliates, and journalists can all use ClickMeter to track their campaigns and compare them to each other. They will be able to see which efforts are paying off and which ones need to be boosted or eliminated due to this. This one allows them to concentrate their efforts on the aspects of their businesses that are expanding.
  • Click fraud is a type of advertising fraud that causes marketers to lose money. ClickMeter employs several processes to ensure that only legitimate clicks are captured and monetized, ensuring that their campaigns are protected.
  • ClickMeter recognizes the importance of agencies and marketers providing their clients with the most up-to-date information. As a result, the platform provides them with actual statistics that they may share in publicly or privately formats.
  • Users who want to extend the functionality of ClickMeter can do so by utilizing advanced features such as API. These features offer them to link the platform to their preferred systems, allowing information to flow smoothly from one solution to another.





  • Data from Clickmeter are displayed in a variety of ways. You may also import data into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel using its API and CSV files.
  • This feature is likely ClickMeter’s best offer if you’re into affiliate marketing. The webhook capability helps extend the performance and combine it with third-party services (ClickMeters calls this “piggyback”).
  • You can run A/B testing and redirect based on country and device. ClickMeter is likely to have a redirection feature.
  • If you wish to get your concerns addressed through social media, you can leave a comment on ClickMeter’s Twitter and Facebook profile, and then they will issue a support ticket for you.


  • Missed bots might force you to expand your plan simply to collect the data you need for your marketing.
  • Since there is no way to restrict Google links, it’s not a good idea to put ClickMeter links in public. I recommend building a reflection page on your site that hides your affiliate links and prevents Google from crawling them.
  • ClickMeter does not provide a WordPress plugin for its platform.




In just a few moments, ClickMeter allows you to track your first marketing campaign. It is the best option for individuals who want to execute multiple marketing initiatives simultaneously, such as social media, digital marketing, and PPC.

This website strikes gold by arranging its plans so that most clients can afford to buy them as they seek to employ the specified features to improve traffic to their websites. Clients may also rely on ClickMeter’s comprehensive FAQ area to discover various things that might assist them in resolving issues that arise while using the company’s services.

Overall, even if you aren’t an expert in digital marketing, ClickMeter is an excellent tool. It’s a powerful and dependable tool for tracking events, keeping track of your links, redirections, and campaigns.

So, if you want to out-market your competition with better marketing, ClickMeter is the only tool you’ll need.

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