Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency

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You started a business, and you are probably wondering how you can easily interact with your customers and expand your network. In the digital marketing world, it is essential to use the right tools without spending a lot of money.

Collect.chat is a simple chatbot builder application that enables people to create chatbots for websites as an alternative to static web forms and sales reps in interacting and interactive with guests. This program allows you to build chatbots in seconds, and users do not need to be coding experts to use them.

With Collect.Chat, those with no coding experience can build a chatbot and launch it in moments. You can gather leads, get reviews, and schedule meetings with your clients. Connect the chatbot to every tool in your workflow.




It allows users to build chatbots by dragging and dropping sentence templates. Businesses may use their chatbot to gather details, reviews, leads, reservations, and other information. It has higher retention rates, is available 24 hours a day, delights consumers by using highly immersive query models, gifs, and chatting in their native language, and saves money on purchases.

Drag and drop generator, meeting booking, lead creation, copy-paste fragment, WP plugin, sharing connections, email developers, multiple languages, and more features.

Collect.chat provides you with a dozen topic models featuring pertinent and vital questions to pose to your guests. It makes the chatbots more immersive and encourages your users to connect, meaning that you collect valuable information to devise functional and customized approaches.



  • Collect.chat supports various languages and helps users to schedule when and when the chatbot can appear. Users will track chatbot communications and then export the data to some marketing app.

  • This program allows you to book appointments via chatbot. You don’t have to send back and forth emails with a client to find the best time to schedule a call. Do it right now. The appointment scheduling feature on Collect.chat displays the hours when you are accessible in their timezone.

  • You can get an email message if a user finishes a conversation with the chatbot and nd sent it directly to your Freshdesk-associated help email address. Freshdesk can group all inquiries from the same person so that you can see a background of contacts with the user.

  • Besides receiving email updates, you can even transmit the information to Google Sheets, a CRM of your choosing such as Hubspot, or even build a help ticket in, say, FreshDesk.

  • The customer service is excellent. Questions are immediately addressed, and interface inquiries are taken very seriously.

  • The integration of collect.chat with different websites makes it very easy to use. The installation was easy and quick. Furthermore, the layout is so sleek and appealing that even consumers find it entertaining. It is not too direct and is a pleasant way to communicate.





  • Collect.chat allows you to interact with your guests and collect valuable feedback.

  • With immersive FAQs, you can guide and teach your consumers.

  • Users of Collect.chat may communicate with other social media sites such as Facebook and Whatsapp.

  • The app is simple to use and includes various on-the-go templates to help you set up your chatbot quickly.

  • The app provides visualization capabilities to provide users with helpful insight into consumer reactions.

  • Collect.Chat provides three simple methods for adding the snippet to your website: Copy and paste a code fragment, install a WordPress plugin, or reach your developer.


  • There isn’t much flexibility to customize the widget’s design or branding on the essential subscription, but I think that’s reasonable.

  • One of its downsides is its inability to override the flat design face with an individual picture in the chat symbol. More customization options are needed.

  • The chatbot runs on each page of the website.




Free Plan
This plan is free of charge but has limited offers to its users. However, that’s quite reasonable.

Lite Plan
The plan costs $24 a month and includes 500 responses per month, appointment booking, Webhook integration, and much more.

Standard Plan
The Standard Plan costs $49 per month, and the offer includes 2,500 responses per month, native third-party integrations, notification email routing, and many more.

Plus Plan
You may avail of the Plus Plan for only $99 per month, and it allows you to conduct team collaboration, remove the Collect.chat branding, phone number OTP validation, custom domain, and so much more.



Understanding the consumers’ pain points is the very first step in developing a solid connection with them. Having a deal becomes better if you have it. Collect.chat allows you to do just that.

No one else has made creating a chatbot as simple as Collect.chat. You can build and script a chatbot in minutes using our quick drag-and-drop interface. So, choosing this specific software allows you to gain flexibility and get more leads.

If you are still in doubt on whether Collect.chat is the right tool for you, avail of their Free Plan now and see it yourself.

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