Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency


Nowadays, new social media automation tools happen to appear every other day. In this competitive market, app developers try every angle to attract customers. Many tools have to lead the way in the social media automation software, and each of these tools caters to a different market.

Content Studio is a comprehensive publication and content discovery tool. It also offers you a reporting component so that you can track the analytics. This tool is even able to handle customer service through social media. With the help of all the features, you will conclude that Content Studio is just the perfect platform for your business.


Content Studio features and subscriptions


  • Content discovery

Many people have writer’s block, and they are sometimes unsure about what type of content people in the target market would like to read. The content discovery feature of Content Studio is a listening engine that can crawl all over the web and find the best content for your niche. Though Artificial Intelligence powers it, you are not forced to rely on the tool’s algorithms.


  • Influencer discovery

With the help of Content Studio, you can identify the key social media influencers in the industry. Although experts consider Instagram to be the hotspot of finding influencers, this tool will identify the critical players on YouTube and Twitter. Content Studio also highlights important analytics about the audience of each recognized influencer.


  • RSS Feed Reader

The majority of the blogs that interest you probably use some real-time syndication feed. With Content Studio, you can aggregate and monitor your favorite feeds in a single place and use those feeds to find inspiration for the content calendar.


  • Content insights

Content Studio helps you to highlight data, which shows that what can work well with your content strategy. With the help of AI and sophisticated data analysis, you can get the most actionable insights. This tool will also show you your most engaging social network. This info can be used to determine where you should push your social strategy.


  • Composer

has its editor, and it can be used to write formatted content, embed videos, and add photos. This tool even allows you to search for any royalty-free multimedia content, while also helps you with SEO.

  • Planner

If you don’t have a content calendar, then Content Studio can help you to set one up. A content calendar is considered vital because it ensures you have a healthy dose of content ready for your website. Without it, your marketing efforts may fall flat.

  • Automation

There is a ‘set and forget’ post scheduling feature included in Content Studio. You can use it to publish your content from the content calendar automatically. This tool lets you create the optimal posting time based on its algorithms.

  • Social media analytics

Not only does Content Studio streamline your content overflow, but it also offers insights that can be used to make crucial decisions. It is done with a social media analytics report, and this report can be used to identify your top-performing posts, audience growth, total engagement, and much more.

  • Pricing

The cost of Content Studio depends on how much you would like to get out of it. A simple solution supporting no more than ten social media accounts and a blog set you back $49 per month. However, if you need to keep 50 blogs, you need to spend $299 per month. Other service levels of Content Studio are PRO at $49/month, SMALL at $99/month, MEDIUM at $199 per month, and LARGE at $299 per month.


Benefits of Content Studio


  • With Content Studio, you can discover the most engaging and trending content in any given industry.
  • From other members of your team or clients, you can easily plan, collaborate and get approval.
  • Content Studio helps you to schedule content on social media networks as well as blogs.
  • There is a wide range of customization tools and an intuitive drag-and-drop post composer offered by Content Studio.
  • You will also be getting the automation recipes that will help you save time on repetitive tasks.
  • Content Studio enables you to analyze your content performance on all the channels.




Like various other tools of its kind, Content Studio offers you a free trial. This trial lasts for 14 days, and that is a lot of time for you to get busy with the tool and determine if it suits your requirements. You should give Content Studio a test drive if you would like to take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

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