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Written by Michael Lamb Agency



In today’s modern era of e-commerce, the most common way of reaching out is by sending an email. Big or small businesses tend to rely on using email marketing to communicate and advertise their product to boost and strengthen their sales.

Emails are generally provided by various Email Service Provider (ESP). They allow their users to send emails through their network as email marketing became popular to develop new email service providers that offer various services.

Convertkit is an email service provider that helps online creators with their email listings. It built its systems to provide service for professional bloggers, creators, makers, and the likes.

What is Convertkit?

Convertkit is a full pledge email service provider created by Nathan Barry and was established in 2013. designed for online creators. It is one of the more expensive newsletter tools on the web, though there are still good services Convertkit offers for you, including their Free plan that comes with uncapped emails. It is suitable for creators who are just getting started building their audience and creating a reliable email listing for their product.

Convertkit is also using automated email sequences and sales funnels available in the premium subscription, which can help you maintain healthy communication with your customer or audience.


ConvertKit Features

  • Engaging Landing Pages
    Convertkit allows you to publish Landing pages that are great for those running social media campaigns aside from sending newsletters and automated campaigns.

  • Email automation
    Convertkit’s email automation lets you add rules to trigger different actions based on specific events in which you can have the option to change your email sequence depending on what the user does.

  • Sign-up forms
    Convertkit tagged new users that signs-up to your email list, enabling you to send your products or work to a specific user interested in them.

  • Broadcast and Sequence
    With Convertkit, you can send a one-time email known as broadcast to your entire list and schedule a series of emails between a period of the day.


Pros and Cons of ConvertKit


  • You can send Unlimited emails using their free plan
  • There are plenty of templates to choose from with their email automation to particular tag customers with series of emails to get them to buy your product.
  • You can tag certain subscribers to pin them when you want to send emails to specific persons.


  • The premium plan is pretty limited
  • No drag and drop options
  • Social media and E-commerce conversions aren’t available


What makes Convertkit better than its Competitors?

Convertkit is made laser-focused on analytics. You can see whether all the aspects of your email campaigns are doing their work.

Convertkit tracks your email-related status and the status and performance of your landing pages and sign-up forms. With Convertkit’s email automation, it enables you to create good autoresponders to specific target subscribers.



Convertkit might be one of the best email service providers you can have if you find a reliable email service provider that will suit your needs. They offer plenty of features both for free and premium plans. Features that can help you get your dream audience and to help you market your product efficiently. Convertkit is one of the trusted email service providers by many online creators around the globe. Choosing Convertkit will be an excellent experience for you!

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