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Written by Michael Lamb Agency



DreamHost is a web host that is known for its straightforward approach. It is a provider that offers a full range of hosting services to the ones who would like to imagine the web their way. It has been in business since 1997, and this company is focused on offering outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology that you will find very user-friendly.


● Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
Several websites claim that they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but truth is, there isn’t a clear limit; at any time, they may decide to do otherwise if you are using too much of their space. DreamHost has a one shared hosting plan and they do offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, without any overuse suspension or higher plan.

● Single-click application installation
Their scripts are being used in a way that despite running different applications, you can still install WordPress in just a snap. These applications may include shopping cart software, photo galleries, CMS software apps, and much more. You can also use somebody else’s script without any code.

● 100% uptime
While the majority of the providers boast a 99% uptime, DreamHost offers you a 100% uptime guarantee. If your website is down for any reason, your account will be credited with a one-day free hosting for every hour that is down.

● Sweet freebies
Although they can’t be called free because you do plan for a plan, there is no doubt that DreamHost has a bunch of extra features. In a standard shared hosting plan, the majority of the other hosts may charge extra.


Pros and Cons of DreamHost



● High-quality Add-ons
There is a very good selection of add-on services with DreamHost and that includes WordPress optimization, domain registration, cloud-based storage, and cloud-computing services. These services add value that is ideal for those who need WordPress wisdom, direct support, or a little power when developing custom applications.

● Pricing and support
All of the DreamHost pricing plans and services are very competitive. It has 24/7 email and on-spot customer support. The impressive 97-day money-back guarantee of the company offers gives absolute peace of mind for every subscriber in the long run.

● Comprehensive tools for web building
You will find a superb selection of web building services with DreamHost like their two proprietary web builders; the WP Website Builder and Remixer, and the WooCommerce and WordPress Plans. DreamHost also offers its web design services with the help of its in-house professionals.


● It is limited only to Linux
DreamHost is only available for the Linux host. If your site requires support for the Windows applications or the application development tools like the ASP.NET, it is better to look elsewhere.

● No popular control panels are available
DreamHost lacks industry-standard tools like Softaculous, cPanel, and WHM that can be unattractive to the ones who are accustomed to working in such applications. However, their home-grown custom control panel offers the same features and functionality, and there might be a learning curve.

How is DreamHost better than others?


DreamHost offers you a wide range of hosting plans to serve everything from high-traffic corporate websites to individual blogs. There is a custom auto-installer in all of its hosting plans. Also, you can find automated malware monitoring and remediation tools, a 100% uptime guarantee, and Cloudflare integration.

All of the servers of DreamHost boast up to 1 TB of storage for all your files, full root access, server-grade CPU, automatic managed backups, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support. In addition, there is no ongoing commitment, as all of the DreamHost dedicated server plans are billed every month.

Bottom Line

DreamHost can be a great option for linux users because of its solid support, fair prices, and a very generous unlimited policy for bandwidth and storage. Their performance is a masterpiece, which means that even a big site can safely be hosted by DreamHost.

DreamHost, with years of experience providing exceptional web hosting, is one of the best service providers to choose from. Only few can compete with DreamHost.

Try now! and experience their high quality Add-ons, notable unlimited disk space and bandwidth in addition with their outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology that will surely help you to grow your business with ease!

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