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Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Elegant Themes and Divi



There are many tools for web designing that can help you grow your business due to their agility that greatly impacts the quality of the website. Divi is one of the popular multipurpose WordPress themes that can help you create everything from business websites to blogs, online courses, e-commerce stores, and a lot more.

What is the Divi WordPress theme?  

Divi is a well-known flagship product from Elegant Themes. Since its launch in 2013, it has been through various major updates that constantly improve the product. This makes it among the best options in the multipurpose WordPress Themes category. Elegant Themes Divi is a visual page builder that makes it easy to build a website without the use of codes. It has 46 premade modules that can be dragged easily into a website to give instant website elements such as contact forms, image sliders, number counters, and shops. You can further customize every element by using several Divi builder sections, Theme Customizer, and Module Customizer.

Best features of Divi

● Divi Builder
One of the major releases was used by Elegant Themes to make a new Divi Builder version. Both the back-end and the front-end builder showed a live version that is updated in real-time. This way, you will immediately see what the result will be.

● Various high-quality templates
To help you speed up the website development process, Divi is bundled with a huge list of high-quality readymade templates for various pages and more than 100 complete site layouts and designs, thus catering to many niches.

40+ website elements
Modules are undoubtedly the building blocks of the Divi page builder and theme. You will find more than 40 website elements or modules you can choose from and that includes Sliders, Galleries, Counters, Dividers, and much more.

● Instant visual updates
Divi is powered by React, a new paradigm in real-time visual experiences. This makes sure that anything you do is quickly updated. It doesn’t require frequent page refreshes to see the content updates — everything is visible for you in real-time.

Pros and Cons of Divi theme


● Multipurpose WordPress theme
Divi is a WordPress theme suitable for any project. Using the page templates, site layouts, and a good array of web elements and modules, it becomes very easy for you to get an excellent result in any niche.

● Powerful page builder
As Divi page builders have come to age and improve, it can be a great tool to boost your productivity. With that, you will be no longer required to use an additional page builder when it comes to executing the themes.

● Good support and documentation
There is an amazing community around Divi. Plus, the vendor has a very good support system, helpful, and detailed documentation.

● Great value and lifetime updates
You can get excellent value because of this WordPress theme’s pricing, especially when you consider availing the page builder, Monarch plugins, and various themes that can be
used on boundless sites.


● Long learning curve
For anyone who is not used to a similar concept, this can be overwhelming because of a huge number of available features. Therefore, it may take some time to master.

● Embedded shortcodes
Given how the Divi builder works, the majority of the pages have embedded shortcodes that some can find a little difficult to gain mobility, especially in the case of custom-built pages.

Why is Elegant themes and Divi better than its competitors?

Overall, it can be quite hard to pick a clear winner because Divi and its competitors have different philosophies. So when we talk about Astra as a competitor, it’s versatile, customizable, light in weight, but it is just a theme. However, If you are interested in drag-and-drop visual editing, Astra was made to pair with the page builder plugin like Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Brizy.

Divi is more of an all-in-one option for you. Therefore, you will get the theme and the page builder bundled together right out of the box. You can easily design everything just by using Divi’s drag-and-drop builder, visuals, and you can even benefit from their various theme templates.


There is a combination of great looks and a wealth of impressive features with Divi that offers you a truly good multipurpose WordPress theme.

You can find a great range of page templates and a page builder that is easy to use and may be suitable for the individuals who would go for an out-of-the-box solution; creating a custom design without the need of other plug-ins.

If you want to go all-out on creating your best website and don’t have the luxury of having too many plug-ins to help you organize your page, Then Divi Theme is the right software of choice for you! With their All-in-one plethora of features to choose from, The sky’s the limit for you in creating your dream website!

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