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If you own or operate a business, you have already heard about the term ‘Email Marketing,’ or you might even meet someone who learned about it from their emails.

Encharge is a tool that combines behavior emails and campaign automation. You will simplify the targeting process through the customer experience by sending emails depending on what users do on your website.

If a customer has subscribed to a particular website, email marketing is a method of reaching out to them through their mail. Email marketing would primarily be used by B2B and e-commerce companies. In this Encharge review, we’ll go through the software in greater depth.



Encharge is a digital marketing platform that uses a drag-and-drop flow designer and native integrations with big CRMs to deliver behavior-based emails. It is a powerful and simple-to-use software for increasing conversions and generating more revenue. It is also the first automation marketing platform that seamlessly connects with the applications you use to build a unified digital workflow to optimize performance.


This software tool is for handling user data from the applications as well as sending automatic messages. Using a visual flow generator, create the consumer journeys and export the list in CSV format. You can capture more leads, cultivate, and close more sales. It works for Segment, TypeForm, MailChimp, and other services. The app features are used by small, medium, and large businesses.



  • Encharge’s drag-and-drop feature makes it simple for all marketers, even non-technical marketers, to create email workflows. By linking the intervention prompts, you can plan the whole user experience.

  • This brilliant marketing platform collects data from users’ interactions on the internet, product pages, and other business platforms to classify users and deliver automatic emails.

  • Its A/B testing feature allows users to play with broadcast emails, workflows, and merge tags to determine the approaches that provide the best outcomes for the business.

  • The customer profiles provide the business marketers with a wealth of actionable information, such as the type of customers involved in your product, the acts they take, and their preferences.

  • The lead score feature improves the efficiency of your team’s results. Assess the leads to see who is most likely to convert. These reviews assist you in developing an efficient workflow that decreases the amount of time wasted on non-converting guests.





  • It straddles the line between mailing list management, marketing automation, and CRM, with ample customization and integration to customize with other setups depending on your specifications.

  • Encharge supports an extensive range of native integrations.

  • It has an excellent support staff and tools that are reasonably priced.

  • The site-tracking tool, as well as native integrations with Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly, Chargify, and Paddle, allow you to create entertaining consumer interactions without getting bogged down in code.

  • The Flow designer is a canvas in which you can put linked and different flows, making it simple to construct sophisticated connections, tagging, segmentation, lead scoring, and email distribution, as well as other activities for specific contacts.


  • Encharge is only in its early stages, but consumers would have to wait a little longer for further integration.

  • If you wish to set workflows or automation correctly, you must spend time properly understanding all of the possible functionalities.




So, if you’re looking for software that would help you with marketing automation, Encharge is an intelligent choice for you. From its straightforward interface to tracking the lead scores, everything just flows smoothly.

Overall, we would recommend Encharge. It is one of the best tools in the market to boost your sales and gain trust among your clients. Also, the customer support is very responsive and efficient. The team makes sure to address their user’s concerns and needs.


Encharge turns business automation into something a lot more engaging that would most likely increase revenue for your business. 

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