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Whether you are in the freelancing biz, entrepreneur, or organization, you might be looking for a reliable and robust invoicing solution.

FreshBooks has evolved to become the go-to online accounting provider for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs over the years. In specific ways, its success spreads to small and midsize firms.

Many FreshBooks “Classic” elements were left behind when the site has been updated a few years back. Because of its excellent versatility and visual properties—as well as its clever range of features—this latest FreshBooks is the perfect option for small businesses.



Freshbooks is a cloud accounting platform tailored specifically for service providers, small companies, and independent contractors. It will keep track of your time, create invoices, generate reports, track costs, submit follow-up emails, develop forecasts and let your staff and clients log in.

Non-technical, non-accounting consumers can find it simple to use. It is highly open as a cloud solution, but it is safe enough to sync and integrate with banks, credit card providers, payment centers, and other cloud productivity applications.

FreshBooks keeps invoicing simple so you can focus on something you enjoy instead of paperwork.




  • FreshBooks provides user-friendly invoicing features. Professional-looking invoices can be quickly produced and customized. Also, the software allows you to send a thank-you email that you can personalize just by adding a user’s logo.

  • The software also provides many automated emails that will alert customers to late purchases, received payments, and new invoices. If you’ve set up the copy and configuration for these, they’ll be done simultaneously while you perform those tasks. Both of these options can help you save time.

  • Freshbooks enables its users to capture expenses conveniently. To ensure that all of your spending transfers are automatically paid for, link your bank account to FreshBooks. All of your purchases are neatly registered and categorized in one location, making tax time a breeze.

  • Time logging helps you to see how much time you spend on work at a glance. It has a start-stop timer that records time into an invoice automatically. Users may either use the Chrome window plugin or other applications like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Teamwork to log time.

  • One of its cool features is inviting consultants, staff, and business associates to handle projects and set file access permissions. Simple sharing tools are built in to make getting input from others as simple as possible. Chat tool, project due dates, project progress summary, team project and deliverables management, and others are only a few of the features available.





  • You will operate from anywhere with FreshBooks’ free smartphone applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Take a picture of the receipt at the cash register and email it to your customer.

  • If you need payment options other than bank transfers, you can easily connect your PayPal account to Freshbooks and offer your customers the option of paying through PayPal on their invoice.

  • New functions and integrations, such as Gusto Payroll, benefit and loss reports, Dropbox functionality, and same-day deposits, are incorporated constantly.

  • For reliable benefit and loss calculations, double-entry accounting features identify sales products and associated expenditures.

  • When you create your account, you can choose your primary language and currency, so if you have a customer who prefers a different language for their invoice, you can simply change it when you create their client profile.



  • The finance section of the app isn’t quite as advanced as the invoicing and time-tracking sections.

  • FreshBooks has nearly 80 applications and integrations, enabling you to add features or associate FreshBooks with other company programs you already use for scheduling,  analytics, marketing, tax assistance, and more.

  • It isn’t ideal for companies with inventory since it lacks retailer, stock management, and purchase-ordering capabilities. Instead, it’s geared for a utility or project-based businesses, with time-tracking and project management features.

  • Another disadvantage of the software is that it does not allow you to access information or handle team members. Although you could view your FreshBooks account using the browser on your phone or computer, this is awkward if you’re on the go.




Lite Plan

The plan costs $4.50 per month. The offer, see reports, access anywhere using iOs or Android, and many more!

Plus Plan

It costs $7.50 a month, and the plan includes automatic tracking of expenses, set up recurring billing and client retainers, double-entry accounting reports, mobile mileage tracking, so much more!

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan only costs $15 per month. With this, you can customize email signatures, track projects profitably, track bills, bill payments, and vendors with accounts payable. You may visit their website to know the plan’s detailed features. 



Freshbooks has a support staff that will assist you in every step of your business transactions. Also, the software uses industry-standard SSL and encryption to keep your personal information and that of your clients safe and secure.

The company’s website is well-organized, with answers to common questions readily available. Freshbooks also has a competitive customer support team that is always ready to cater to your every question and concern.

Freshbooks is an excellent option if you need to automate the invoicing and cost recording. Although it’s primarily designed for the service sector, it has many features that enable you to stay mobile while still keeping track of your expenditures in one place.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a precise and well-organized business with FreshBooks!

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