Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency


Normally, if a piece of software has more features, it can take longer to get to the speed with how it happens to work. This can be quite true for GetResponse, as it is an email marketing software and has CRM, e-commerce, lead generation, and some management features.

GetResponse is no doubt an exception because it has a sleek user interface. Therefore, it can be easy for the user to navigate around the solution, which offers confidence to deliver what is required to create compelling campaigns.


What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is streamlined marketing automation for all types of businesses, whether big or small. Its perfectly scalable workflows customize the campaign automation, simplify for lead generation, and grow sales with personalized communication.
They help you tag and track the customers behavior to learn more about them and react in real- time, catered to connect to the unique audience. You can send the welcome emails, special offers, abandoned cart reminders, recommend products, and take the guesswork out of online marketing.

GetResponse features

  •  Pricing and plans
    There is pricing for a wide range of businesses offered by GetResponse. The packages with access to the Autofunnel feature start at $49 per month. GetResponse is great because it doesn’t impose any email sending limits; therefore, its range of pricing is well-

  • Email campaign creation
    The process for creating an email campaign with GetResponse can help you to create a newsletter by using the Drag-and-drop editor. With the email tool's help, one can start from scratch or use several supplied templates. GetResponse has also revamped the
    template menu by introducing a new marketing automation template to launch a quick campaign.

  • Convenient reports
    With GetResponse, it is convenient to view all of your campaigns on one page, and this can show any information like the contacts that you received on your email and the number of people who opened it.

  • Autofunnels track the journey of the customer
    With the help of Autofunnels, companies can create visual funnels like webinars to move into selling products. Funnels show a process that the funnels can go through before buying a product. This may include becoming aware of the product, going through the process of sales, and then becoming a customer.


Pros and Cons of GetResponse


  • GetResponse is very transparent about their deliverability rates, publishing figures on the website, & offering deliverability statistics for the e-newsletters.

  • You will find all the GetResponse plans to come with a useful landing page creator that can facilitate A/B testing, and this could potentially save you a lot of money.

  • GetResponse has a great Webinar functionality and a genuine USP, while its Conversion Funnel; feature is very useful for small businesses who would like to manage all the aspects of their sales funnels, social media ads, and e-commerce activity.



  • Its drag and drop interfaces create the landing pages, and forms tend to be a little fiddly and need improvement.

  • Although one can use Facebook pixel with the landing page feature of GetResponse, it is not possible to do so in a GDPR compliant way.


Why is GetResponse unique?

There are a few unique services that separate GetResponse from the crowd; their perfect timing can surely be a superb way to deliver your emails right at the moment when your customer is most likely to open them. GetResponse has algorithms that analyze the opening times of the contact. This means that each of the contacts gets the right message at the right time according to their behavior.

If you have a business with multiple time zones, this feature can be perfect for you. If there is a special offer that runs at a specific time of a day, you can utilize the Time Travel Feature to time the arrival of your email on that particular day in the time zone.


GetResponse offers its customers a fully integrated service that practically has every feature one can imagine. It is quite surprising that they can effectively compete at both ends of the price spectrum, offering low prices for the startups, SMBs, and a full spectrum of professional services for the enterprises.

If you are one of those kinds of businessmen that really wants to get their customers insights and behaviors in order to give them a satisfactory response, then GetResponse is the best software available for you! not only can they track your customers behavior, they can also help you create engaging customer responses to get their attention!

Whatever service you use, you can guarantee that GetResponse has all the help that you want in order to boost your business sales!

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