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In the field of writing, proofreading is an age-old process. Because humans are prone to making mistakes, it stands to reason that their work will be affected as well. When it comes to writing, this is especially true. Even seasoned writers with a strong command of language can make unintentional grammatical or punctuation errors in their creations.


Human editors have historically served as gatekeepers, polishing a writer’s work before it reaches the eyes of their intended audience. Nevertheless, the world has changed since then. Humanity’s unceasing desire for conveniences in perfection has always been met with technological breakthroughs and breakthroughs.


If you work as a writer, there’s a good chance you’ve used or at least heard of grammar checkers like Grammarly. The advent of grammar checking software is one such innovation that has fundamentally revolutionized the writing process. As a result, when grammar checking tools are mentioned, this software appears to be the most prominent name that comes to mind.




Grammarly ensures that any content you write on the internet is free of errors. However, it extends beyond spell-checking. The AI-powered editor assists you in creating material that is clear, interesting, and easy to read. Wordy sentences, repetitions, and tedious paragraphs, among other stylistic flaws, will be detected.


This tool’s essential operation is easy to describe and comprehend. It examines written content for faults in grammar, phrasing, spelling, readability, and other areas. Also, this built-in grammar checker can be found in Google browser extensions. This addon can be used by professional writers or anybody else to write posts/blogs/articles free of spelling problems. It is an excellent technique for amateurs to improve their writing skills. 


It is available in both a free and a premium edition. The free version gives writers access to grammar and spells checking without spending any money. On the other hand, the premium edition provides additional capabilities such as refining writing style, doing plagiarism checks, and providing expert writing tips.


Grammarly not only corrects grammatical mistakes but also expands its users’ vocabularies. Given that English is not the dominant language in most nations globally, everyone may benefit from a program like Grammarly to enhance their English writing abilities.




  • Check your spelling and grammatical problems in real-time. It is highly exact, even assisting you with the placement of a comma or hyphen. As a result, Grammarly has a competitive advantage over other native spell checkers and its free version competitors.
  • There are more than simply commas in proper punctuation. Grammarly’s punctuation check is available for both free and premium users, and it covers a wide range of punctuation standards, including capitalization, colons and semi-colons, and quotes.
  • The software detects errors and not only detects errors but also teaches you by providing detailed explanations of grammatical rules and advice to help you refrain from making similar problems in the future.
  • The fluency analyzer finds tiny style errors. So even if English isn’t your first language, the proficiency check can help you sound more natural. For premium users, fluency tips are highlighted in red and display across applications and the browser extension.
  • They also have a built-in online editor in which you can type or upload your articles. The most excellent part of Grammarly’s online editor is that it saves all of your papers in the cloud, allowing you to view them from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Grammarly is available as browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, making the proofreading process a breeze.
  • The software also features a plagiarism checker that compares your work to 16 billion web pages on the Internet to guarantee that your content is free of plagiarism. This feature is a valuable thing to have, especially if you outsource your copywriting.



Grammarly is beneficial to both native English speakers and people who do not write in English regularly. Even if they are fluent English speakers, this grammar checker serves as a second line of defense for new and professional writers.

Grammarly also has options for Canadian English, American English, British English, Australian English, and other languages. This feature is to ensure the accuracy and readability of your book, journal, or news article.

The premium edition is particularly beneficial for pupils who have a large batch of work to review. You may sign up for a month’s membership, verify your work, and then cancel if necessary.




Grammarly is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge for both free and paid users. It’s available in the Chrome shop or the appropriate browser add-on shop.

The Grammarly symbol will display in the top bar of your screen at the right-hand corner of text fields once you’ve installed it. Then, when you begin typing, the software will automatically analyze your work and highlight any errors. Then, hover over the underlined text and click on the proposal to examine it and accept or reject it if it doesn’t fit.


The Grammarly browser extension brings the Grammarly checker to pretty much everywhere you write on the internet, including Google Docs.

Only a grammar, spelling, and punctuation check is available to free clients. The program also assesses for conciseness and offers suggestions for shortening phrases. Grammarly Premium also adjusts your style and assists you in achieving the proper way of speaking, professionalism, and politeness.





  • The software has you covered if you prefer to write in Microsoft Office. Grammarly is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • You may swap between English dialects with Grammarly. It’s simple to change your language option by going to your profile and changing it.
  • Its user interface and usability are intuitive and straightforward.
  • This tool is ideal for bloggers and content writers since it improves the page’s SEO, leading to improved search results rankings.
  • Grammarly also helps you significantly improve the quality of your writing by reducing the number of words, improving readability, and expanding your vocabulary.
  • The Grammarly Keyboard ensures that each letter, email, and the Instagram story is flawless.
  • It also includes a free Grammarly license which is used to rectify simple grammatical errors.
  • World-class Grammarly’s vocabulary and correction system assist you in producing error-free material like an expert.
  • Grammarly can provide you with sophisticated suggestion pop-ups that would improve the overall flow of your content in addition to correcting spelling and error problems.



  • This software cannot be downloaded and must be used when connected to the internet.
  • Some authors may find Grammarly’s price point to be prohibitively high.
  • Grammarly analyzes your writing to billions of online pages and notifies you of any portions that require citations. Regrettably, this functionality is only available in Grammarly Premium.
  • Even though Grammarly has a range of uses, it misses Scrivener integration, which is an excellent platform for creating novels.



It’s no wonder that Grammarly has hundreds of excellent ratings online, thanks to its simple user interface, solid functioning, and ever-improving features.


If you want to maintain your writing proper, clear, and entertaining, both the free and premium membership are worth it. Also, If you frequently write on the internet, Grammarly Premium is a good option because it has many features to help you develop your writing and polish your abilities.

Grammarly ought to be in your proofreading arsenal whether you’re an editor, writer, or journalist. Grammarly will not only assist you in writing without errors, but it would also enhance your writing over time.

So, what do you have to lose? Today is the day to improve your writing skills using Grammarly!

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