Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency

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In this era, people tend to go for web hosting services that are reliable and cheap, but most ofthe time, the companies are the worst offenders. They coast on their flashy ad campaigns and brand recognition while neglecting the things that made them successful.

Maybe you haven’t used or heard about InMotion, but they are in the market since 2001 andhave grown a customer base of over 300,000 domains — having two data centers in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. The majority of people recommend InMotion because it performs well in three big areas of speed, uptime, and support. They also offer few additional features that can make your experience more enjoyable.

● Flexible coding options
InMotion helps developers to code using different coding languages like MySQL, PHP, Ruby, etc. Their support staff undergoes extensive training before it is permitted to touch a phone, chat, or a support ticket.

● Free data backups
The majority of hosts offer site backups as an up-sell. However, there is a free remote backup featured by InMotion. While others may charge you to restore the data, InMotion doesn’t charge a nickel, and both the backup and restore options are available.

● Jetpack features
There is a Jetpack plugin included with all of the InMotion WordPress hosting plans. Theplugin has a free version in the entry-level plans and you can get marketing, security, and social media features in one.

Pros and Cons of InMotion


● 90-day money-back guarantee
There is a 90-day money-back guarantee offered by InMotion Hosting, which seems tobe quite generous. The majority of other companies offer a maximum 30-day guarantee. Still, it is worth noting that domains are not included in the guarantee. Once you get registered, they are yours to keep and you can use them with any other host.

● You can choose the data center location
There are data centers of InMotion Hosting in both the Eastern and the Western Coast of the United States. You have the option to choose a data center that is closer to your target audience. Therefore, your site will load faster for the users who are near those locations.

● SSD Drive storage
All InMotion Hosting servers use SSD drives instead of the old spinning hard drives. The SSD drives are faster than the old ones and this makes your website load faster. The majority of web hosts don’t offer SSD storage, while some charge extra for it.

● Free SSL Certificate
To create an e-commerce website, SSL is required. However, it is already included in all the InMotion hosting plans. Other hosts may charge between $30-60 per year for the SSL certificates.


● No monthly billing
There isn’t a monthly billing for the InMotion starting plans, while you can pay in advance for one or two years. You can get a good discount if you pay for two years, and there is a $40-dollar setup fee for the Pro plan customers who want to choose monthly billing.

● It is not the cheapest
The hosting plans of InMotion are priced competitively, but it is worth noting that these are not the cheapest ones in the market.

Comparing InMotion with the competitors

InMotion is considered to be one of the best web hosting providers around. It is known for the excellent support and limitless features, while it can be a superb choice for any budding business. The affordable prices and reliable support are its perks, the storage is also generous,but they don’t tend to meter the traffic you get.

Various other web hosting providers might offer a great service that includes DreamHost, whichperforms well and is for every project. InMotion may not be for every project and may not have all the key features, but the reliable support and 90-days money-back guarantee are the perks that cannot be ignored.


Bottom Line

Though there are no Windows-based servers with InMotion, this web host offers you some of the best Linux hosting solutions. You also get to enjoy several other features like their 99.9% uptime, free SSDs on all the servers, unlimited emails, and many more! There are various benefits offered by InMotion and gladly, they don’t often receive negative feedback for their services. Having said that, InMotion is still one of the best choices to choose from! If you are a small start up business and in need of VPS hosting, you can never go wrong with InMotion!

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