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LeadDyno is a marketing platform that executes affiliate programs and tracks them back to their source of origin. It may function with any website, which makes it ideal for affiliate recruitment. Through social sharing also assists users in boosting and boosting returns. The affiliate program for the app is paid on a commission basis based on purchases, making it a viable solution.




LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing software solution that assists in the planning and execution of affiliate marketing programs. It is mainly used to track and manage affiliates by online businesses and eCommerce stores.

The system is simple to integrate into third-party websites and platforms, resulting in a fluid workflow. In addition, the software has several affiliate-specific capabilities. Payout administration, email automation, conversion tracking, and comprehensive reporting are just a few of the important ones.


LeadDyno makes using various affiliate marketing programs simple for its customers. When you sign up for a LeadDyno account, you’ll be given your affiliate program page with the company’s domain name. Furthermore, the website is compatible with the majority of well-known eCommerce platforms. Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Chargify, Recurly, BigCommerce, and others are among them. Managing affiliate programs becomes much easier, faster, and with a higher growth rate due to this.




  • LeadDyno shares evaluations and updates with a larger audience via significant Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It makes Twitter marketing easier for affiliates by allowing them to use pre-written Tweets. It also uses Facebook to market products for free without charging any advertising expenses.
  • Users will have their Affiliate Sign Up made for them immediately after registering for a LeadDyno profile. Theirdomain.leaddyno.com will be the system’s host for the page. It also has an iFrame mode that people can use to embed their affiliate page into their site.
  • So if new affiliates join the clients’ program, LeadDyno sends them a welcome email with all the information they need to start promoting the users’ brands or websites. It also includes a link to their affiliate dashboard and a one-of-a-kind referral link.
  • LeadDyno has a dashboard for affiliates that incorporates all of the information needed to promote brands and websites. Users can also keep up with the standards in real-time. The very first page of the dashboard gives users’ affiliates direct exposure to their unique referral link and one-click social sharing buttons.




  • You could transform your customers into affiliates using LeadDyno’s invitation feature.
  • LeadDyno offers a service that allows users to send emails to affiliates in advance of specific events. The letter can be a welcome email for recently recruited affiliates or a weekly progress letter informing them of their advancement.
  • The creators of this affiliate marketing solution had also incorporated PayPal into the system, making it simple to pay affiliates. With PayPal’s mass payment method, you can automate your payouts or even make large payments in bulk. Your PayPal Username, Password, and Signature can all be easily created.
  • Affiliates can access LeadDyno’s mobile app, which offers them immediate access to the sharable material you’ve created/opted for.


  • The automatic payment option doesn’t have a customization option; it initiates paying before the affiliate has attained the referral threshold.
  • LeadDyno does not allow you to construct contributor codes manually; instead, you must make those on your site and link them to LeadDyno.




LeadDyno is an enterprise-grade platform that allows you to create and administer affiliate networks for your eCommerce website. The most excellent part about LeadDyno is that you can control all or most significant functionalities with a single button click. The app is simple to use, and the support team is excellent. Overall, we strongly advise you to use this software.

This program is ideal for beginners because it takes a portion of the amount to set up. LeadDyno is an intelligent choice if you are just getting started and are still exploring and discovering.

It is a powerful affiliate marketing program that every marketer should use. You may start your 30-day free trial right now and see the difference!

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