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Lots of people look for a simple and code-free way to build landing pages. In the previous times, it required a lot of time and effort for the developers and designers to create one. Today, it can be easily done without putting much time into it. You only need to work with a landing page creator to easily make one.

LeadPages is a smart tool that offers help to its users to easily build landing pages with ease and functionality. Aside from offering its main feature, there are smaller additional features that can offer big help and integrate the landing page builder.

What Is ?


LeadPages is one of the best website builders that enables marketers and entrepreneurs to efficiently publish web pages, generate leads confidently, and easily transform the clicks into conversion.

This can definitely help you get into business and market your business online; from the landing pages to the websites. With the help of LeadPages, every published page is rigorously optimized to collect the leads and close the sales. Therefore, there will be no technical skills required.




Free hosting
You can create a code-free website on LeadPages and host it securely on a LeadPages domain. You can use the optimized conversion templates that are SEO optimized that load quickly to create a website.

● Countdown timers
People have to make quick decisions in urgency, and LeadPages offers the option of using the countdown timers on the pages. One can also redirect the visitors who arrive at a different page after the countdown ends or hide the original page’s section.

● SEO-friendly pages
If your page is SEO-friendly, you will get more search traffic and generate money. There are easy-to-edit metadata fields with LeadPages and a good variety of SEO-friendly templates.

● Device-specific preview
As a business person, you need to know how your pages look on different devices. LeadPages can help you preview your content on different devices’ screen sizes. This way, you can easily spot any potential issues.

Pros and Cons of



  • With LeadPages, users can create their websites with the site builder. Web designing is made easier with its drag and drop editor. The pre-built website templates are helpful to tailor your brand.

  • LeadPages have intuitive tools that are made to fit inexperienced entrepreneurs. So, you don’t have any programming or technical knowledge to use this one.

  • LeadPages is about building the marketing materials, but it also gives importance to how the items can perform and yield results. Various perks are added specifically for these purposes to use the real-time analytics tool.



  • If you would like to access the A/B split testing tool, you will be required to purchase the higher bundles to access this feature, as it is not included in the basic subscription.

  • There are two types of page designs offered; one is drag and drop, while the other is the standard templates. Using the standard templates, you can only make a few changes; however, it is not possible to add new content or rearrange the existing ones.

What makes LeadPages better than its competitors?

You can find several landing page builders; whether it is to market a product, share your blog, or build a strong email campaign because they are essential to start a business. LeadPages is specially created to help new entrepreneurs to grow their email lists. 

Several other tools can cater to these requirements. However, LeadPages surely leads the way in the landing page and email marketing space. Therefore, competitors cannot list many tools that can be better than LeadPages.

Unbounce, Instapage, and ClickFunnels are some of the examples of other tools. Still, if we look at ClickFunnels, it costs significantly more than other platforms. And it is mainly focused on creating sales funnels that move the visitors through many stages.


is great when we look at it functionality-wise and offers a powerful experience to its users. The price may be the only confounding factor but it is worth noting that LeadPages is a fully hosted solution with a website and landing page builder. You just have to make sure that its features generate a good return-of-investment for your business — either in terms of time saved or increased revenue.

If you are looking for a website builder that is surely a bang for your buck and will not compromise you with rich features to add onto, then what are you waiting for? LeadPages guarantees you the best website building experience you will ever have!

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