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About 27,000 users worldwide are helped by as they get their questions answered every day. Their service is trusted by the big brands, because unlike FAQ support or an email, offers its users a live and direct experience. When people get fast support, they trust you more, get satisfied, and increase your sales.

Chat support always has advantages over telephone support, as you don’t need an expensive telephone line or a complicated technical setup. With , you can share your images, links, and videos, while can also be integrated on any website. You can connect Facebook Messenger directly with , and your agents don’t need a Facebook account for that.



  • Chatbot integration
    Your chat agents cannot be online 24/7, and therefore, you can either reply via email for any missed chat or use a chatbot. Another great advantage is that a chatbot can handle several customers and help the visitors get an answer immediately.

  • Seats vs. Agents
    limited the number of seats and not agents in the past, and therefore, you could have added as many agents as you like. Now, you are required to pay per agent, and consequently, it can be a bit expensive for companies having numerous agents.

  • How do agents work with ?
    The agents’ login and decide when they want to accept the live chats. From there, they can determine whether chats will be distributed manually or automatically. The welcome messages can be automated in order to make the chat experience more efficient.

  • reports
    You must be wondering how the chat sessions perform and where the visitors are from? The statistics of will tell you if your quality is improving or getting worse. With the help of real-time metrics, you can immediately see how many visitors are online and whether your staff can handle them all.

  • support
    It is not very complicated to understand once it is added to your website. But support is always crucial, so there is a live chat, and in the plans, there is email and phone support included.

  • Pricing
    The Starter plan is for small businesses and is $16 per month.
    The Team plan is for a full-time support team and is $33 per month.
    The Business plan is for the customer service department and is $50 per month.
    The enterprise plan is the solution for the Fortune 500 companies and is $149 per month.


Reasons to choose

  • helps you speed up your customer service, and you will positively impact your sales. You can use it to assist your visitors exactly when they need it.
  • can be the fastest way to help your customers because you can give them instant answers in real-time.
  • A live chat agent can talk with several customers and is still able to retain high customer satisfaction rates.
  • is a non-intrusive form of contact, and therefore, you will be able to connect with your customers in a much better way and build their trust.


Benefits of

  • is very well designed not only from the aesthetic point of view, but it is a pleasure to use this software.
  • There are a lot of features and apps. have their helpdesk tool, and now they have even a chatbot.
  • They have apps for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. As compared to a browser’s console, they have unique features like the automatic time-out.
  • Their basic widget looks very lovely, and there are several templates. There are additional themes for the advanced users for the marketplace. For more visibility, you can use one of their attention grabbers.



is a product that works well and is fun to use. Compared with most of the other Live chat tools, the number of chat requests always goes up with . Their ticketing system is a feature that sets them apart from their competitors. The offline messages tend to go directly into this channel, and one can handle it easily with different statuses. Although it is not the cheapest live chat software, it is undoubtedly the best.

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