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Written by Michael Lamb Agency



What is ManyChat? Let’s summarize into two words, Many Chat – a software application that allows you to send marketing messages to your potential clients through a chatbot without any coding.



Established in the year 2015, the CEO and co-founder of the company, Mikael Young, and his team are responsible for the success of many business owners worldwide. The goal is to help small businesses to expand by simplifying the “marketing stuff’ for them. The company gives convenience to their users by letting them focus on their crafts instead of spending long hours sending individual messages to their target audiences.

ManyChat uses a third-party built-in integration with Zapier and Dev Tools. Zapier helps the software to talk to another app — allowing the transfer of data and automate tasks. On the other hand, Dev Tools allows you to transfer data from Manychat to an external database and other email marketing software.

Key Features and Benefits

Scaling for growth can be one of the many challenges that small business owners may face during the start-up of their businesses. Some don’t have an effective idea of how they will reach their target clients easily. ManyChat has successfully spread its intention of helping business owners to grow their network. Messenger marketing is a low-cost yet effective way of stretching your business capabilities in the world of digital marketing.

Drag-and-drop. This is one of their best features because this visual bot builder allows you to easily set-up your messenger bot. This software enables you to grow your Messenger audience by providing different growth tools such as automated Facebook comment response, converting your potential client to a subscriber.

No coding required. This app doesn’t require you to have a piece of programming knowledge to set-up your automated messages for digital marketing; you just need to connect your Facebook page to the app and it will run smoothly. Integrated live chats. By adding a human touch to a bot makes it even more interesting for the clients to reach out to your page. In this way, you can easily assist your subscriber and allows you to nurture your leads right inside the messenger.

Pros and Cons

Many digital marketers have had their share of experience using ManyChat and most of them are positive feedback. The software did a great job of focusing on Facebook messenger because this is a smart way of building conversions and delivering high engagement with your customers.

“– it’s great for broadcasting messages while using filters such as tags and demographical parameters”, said Diego Jaramillo, a business developer. He mentioned that they chose to continuously use ManyChat to automate Facebook messenger answers through a list of keywords and sequences.

Dennis Mutsky, an Internet Marketing Manager, has also created a review for this software. He said, “We are using a chatbot (ManyChat) on our website to engage with website visitors, but the most heavily used feature is the Facebook comments growth tool.” This has been useful for their company because this allows them to quickly engage with their target audience as well as to push desired actions for their apps.

The Competitors

Just with their ‘no coding needed’ feature can out throw most of its competitors. On the other hand, its closest adversary is an app called Chatfuel. They share the same no-coding feature but according to bloggers and reviews, one is basically not less than the other. You may choose between the two depending on your personal and business preference.

Why ManyChat?

ManyChat is downright versatile in helping its users with its easy-to-learn interface and mechanics, helping them to keep in touch with their customers even if they are away. With its User-friendly Interface, this application allows not only those savvy tech peeps but also those who are not really into techie stuff but are seeking ways on managing their networks, organizing their way of communicating, and responding to their customers. Plus, they offer free plans that you can use and maximize!

If you are aiming to expand your digital network and field net worth, subscribing to this application will help you skyrocket your successful business. The inevitable growth of eCommerce, rising expectations in digital accessibility, and customer demand for instant replies are the reasons why business owners must create new ways to connect with their clients like never before. ManyChat is leading the way in providing reliable and sustainable chat marketing platforms for every user and is the future of Messenger Marketing.

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