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A paid membership program can be among the best ways to establish a sustainable business online, and for a WordPress user, it can be done quite easily by using a membership plugin.
MemberPress is known to be an all-in-one membership plugin for WordPress because it features various integrations and an easy setup, and therefore, it can be a great option for your website.

What is ?

It is a WordPress membership plugin that is initially designed to create, manage, and track membership subscriptions. With MemberPress, you can receive secure payments from the members, whether these are recurring subscriptions or one-off payments.

MemberPress can seamlessly integrate with a WordPress website, and therefore, the learning curve can be small if you are already familiar with its content management system. You also get the option to add additional WordPress plugins to complement your membership site.

MemberPress features

Easy and convenient  MemberPress is the easiest and most convenient software that you can find in the market. To get started, all you need to install the existing plugin then register your subscription, and voila! You can now add your favorite products.

Limited granted access
You can rest assured that your files are secured because, during the WordPress
installation, they enable you to prohibit access to the options, pages, categories, tags,
and posts.

LMS plugin
Aside from being a WordPress membership software, MemberPress is also an LMS
plugin. With that said, you can sell the courses without downloading them individually as
the LMS plugins are built strongly, so it is very easy to construct online course

● MemberPress is easy and quite simple to understand, while there is no strict base or
technical-oriented functioning for the user to undertake.

● Its pricing plans are very efficient and reliable, and therefore, you will find it cheap with
great features to offer, and this makes it worth appreciating.

● The operators grant customer support if they face any issues. The team is very
hospitable and receptive to any needs and aspirations of the clients.

● MemberPress offers and renders a 14-day money-back guarantee to its customers.

● MemberPress doesn’t offer an optimization option to its subscribers at the crucial stages.
This includes the signup ones and customizing the login forums.

● They limit the users’ payment options as they have restricted payment gateway modes.


Comparing MemberPress with the competitors

MemberPress can stand apart from other membership plugins for several reasons, but one of the most powerful reasons is they allow the members to create as many subscriptions as they want. The majority of other membership plugins in the market are tied to the WordPress role; each user must only have one subscription at a time and limits them to just have one role.

MemberPress is different as it can track the subscriptions independently from the WordPress roles, and therefore, the users can get subscribed to an unlimited number of subscriptions at a time and set up various upgrade paths.

Another great thing about MemberPress is that it integrates with WordPress capabilities, and this helps the developer to customize the themes, page templates, and other plugins that are based on the active subscriptions of the members.

The best part is that, unlike the other plugins, MemberPress is specially architected from the ground up to help the members make, maintain, and modify an unlimited number of subscriptions. It also has a self-service member account page that empowers members to create, update, or even cancel any number of subscriptions.


Bottom Line

MemberPress is quite a simple and effective plugin if you are planning to complete a membership site. It can build a simple section of walled content and offer subscriptions to various features. However, it is worth noting that MemberPressmay may not be for everyone, and if you want to build a paid community, you may want to consider a membership plugin that has built-in forum technology. Having said that, if you really want to step up your business and have something you can rely on, Hassle-free! What are you waiting for? MemberPress guarantees you unlimited access and a ton of features with a simple yet reliable plug-in for your online subscription!

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