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If you’re establishing a business, one of the first things you should do is register it with the relevant state agency. State laws vary greatly, and depending on where you live, the process might be pretty straightforward or challenging. Fortunately, several internet firms operate as go-betweens between you and the state office, making the procedure easier. One of these solutions is MyCorporation.

MyCorporation is a company that provides online business services. They can assist you in forming new enterprises, keeping your existing ones compliant, and making any necessary adjustments to your company’s structure. They also provide several additional services, such as intellectual property rights. This MyCorporation review will go over the specifics of the service to help you decide if it’s right for your business.




MyCorporation is a platform that allows you to start a business online. It assists you in forming a new corporation or nonprofit organization and works with the appropriate state agencies to ensure that all legal criteria are met.

You may create a limited liability company (LLC), business, or nonprofit with MyCorporation. You may choose from a variety of divisions, such as S-corporations or C-corporations, among others.

MyCorporation provides some ongoing programs to help you stay compliant and expand your business far beyond the initial formation of your firm. They can assist you with submitting Annual Reports, copyright and trademark registrations, converting your business to a new structure, providing stock certificates, and more.

In essence, MyCorporation aspires to be a reliable partner. They can assist you with any legal, tax, registration, or reporting obligations that your company may have. All of this comes at an affordable price, with plans starting at $99.




  • MyCorporation provides phone and email customer service. On their homepage, there is also a “leave a message” tool that stays on the page as you scroll, which appears to be another way to contact their helpdesk.
  • Premium members have access to the MaintainMyBiz service, which is a yearly company maintenance option. As a premium subscriber, MyCorporation assists you with additional maintenance and provides you with the required assistance and resources once your firm has been formed.
  • The purpose of choosing an incorporation service is to save time and make forming a company more accessible. Even with some online filing services, it can feel like you’re filing on your own. However, with MyCorporation, the procedure is easy and straightforward. The application was simple to complete, and we finished it in about ten minutes from the first page of the order form to the very last screen.
  • While the company’s website does not provide a specific timeline, it is implied that the firm does its best to complete its side of the process as quickly as possible, with the state department being the only source of postponement.




  • It also offers MyCorporation digital services, which allow businesses to monitor their website’s ranking, Online Reputation, and listings, as well as their social media profiles.
  • With MaintainMyBiz, MyCorporation can assist you in managing the future of your new LLC once it has been founded. Simply choose the documents you require for your business, and they will be filed when you are ready. You may tailor your package to match your business needs with 16 products and services to select from.
  • MyCorporation offers Registered Agent Program for $120.00 per year. One year of service is included if you choose the Deluxe or Premium plan. This subscription renews itself on an annual basis.
  • MyCorporation also offers MyCorp Vault, a data management technology that allows company owners to store digital copies of their files for future reference.
  • Reach MyCorporation by phone, email, or live chat. Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT, phone services are available.


  • The basic package from MyCorporation is missing many essential features, such as legal guidance.
  • The packages do not include a customized operating agreement service.
  • They impose an additional fee for a shipment, which might make the items prohibitively expensive.



MyCorporation service provides a wide range of essential business solutions required to start a new business or manage an established one.

In addition to business formation services such as copyright operations, trademark services, and so on, they provide free payroll consultation via paychecks and various other benefits. Furthermore, their Learning Center and blog post contain a selection of articles that can assist you if you require any knowledge relating to business formation or anything associated with it.

If you’re seeking an online legal service provider covering all of these bases, MyCorporation is a good option.

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