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Written by Michael Lamb Agency



Lots of marketers consider lead marketing to be just a thing from the past and they say that email capturing through popups is dead. Quite often, they complain that they can’t capture leads and cannot get the people interested as most clients find their pop ups annoying.

Poptin is a very popular feature-rich cloud-based web popup plugin that many business owners find useful. It offers all of the typical features that one can expect from an opt-in popup — including good design tools, templates, a wide variety of popups, and complete ESP integrations. Poptin’s pricing is based on the number of engagements which is relatively beneficial if you have high traffic.


Poptin is a free lead capture platform for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals, and e-commerce websites that are planning to generate more leads and sales, get more subscribers, reduce card abandonment or increase the engagement of their visitors.
This platform is particularly useful to engage the visitors and convert them into leads, subscribers, and eventually sales. There are a variety of templates of web and mobile overlays, chat, surveys, push notifications, and widgets within the web page offered by Poptin.

What does Poptin offer?

Poptin is quite a simple and affordable platform to integrate lead generation strategies. It offers you the following.

● Smart Popups
You can create mobile responsive and customized pop ups from the customizable templates that may include countdown popups, lightbox popups, slide-in popups, full- screen overlays, top, and bottom bars.

● Suppression
With Poptin, you can show your postings to your new visitors, returning visitors and you can even hide them from the converted clients. You also get the option to control the frequency that your Poptin has fully executed.

● Triggers
Trigger the Poptins with the help of time delays, exit-intent, click events, scrolling percentages, and much more.

● Embedded forms
With the help of the embedded forms, you can collect website leads and easily integrate them.


Pros and Cons of Poptin

Poptin is a smart tool for many people because it can solve more problems and improve from feedback than any other tool. Plus, it doesn’t cost much and offers a free plan for starters. The following are the pros and cons of Poptin.



● The interface is great and is completely customizable. Therefore, even non- programmers and e-commerce marketers can find it very convenient to use.

● Whether you have a free or a paid package, you can be sure that you will be receiving excellent customer support with their live chat feature.

● Poptin is undoubtedly a gold software at a very low price because it starts free and then it only costs $19 per month.




● One of the main disadvantages of Poptin is that the notification bars can only be viewed by a maximum of 1,000 users a month.

● For some, its features are a bit contained to the bare minimum and you are only allowed to see the Poptin branded notification bars.

Why is Poptin better than its competitors?

Poptin helps businesses to create and design highly engaging website popups and forms for the enhancement of the conversion rate. One doesn’t need to have coding skills to build stunning designs, boost engagement, offer discount coupons, and acquire qualified leads.
Compared to others, Poptin seems to be a powerful lead generation and conversion optimization tool for e-commerce websites, bloggers, small businesses, and marketing agencies. The conversions are improved by personalizing the campaigns that are based on the location of the visitor.

Experts think that Poptin can meet their business needs much better than OptinMonster. When we compare the quality of the ongoing product support, Poptin is one of the preferred options for many.

As for the feature updates and roadmaps, the direction of Poptin is much considered over OptinMonster.

Bottom Line

You will find Poptin to be one of the best lead marketing software in the business because it possesses various advanced features at the lowest price. The easy-to-use interface of Poptin is a breeze for the new users who would quickly like to get familiar in their works. Pop ups are the first ones that quickly catch a consumers eyes while in the web. So if you want to step up your game in advertising and want to have eye catching, engaging, and well designed pop up ads that is surely a click magnet. Then Poptin is the desired software of choice for you!

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