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Written by Michael Lamb Agency

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It is vital to use and grow the right tools for your business and website in the digital marketing world. You might also look for easy-to-use SEO software to help you find the best keywords using its reliable tracking tools.


SE Ranking is a platform that seeks to provide up-to-date and reliable statistics that you can track daily. Whereas most tools charge absurdly high fees to access their results, SE Ranking makes SEO much more available with its flexible pricing, ideal for all digital practitioners, from freelancers to SEO agency owners.


Let us dig eep into this promising software.




SE Ranking is a cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) tool designed for mid-tier marketing and entrepreneurial endeavors. It includes keyword location detection, competitor profiling, backlink reporting, website audits, digital marketing, reports, and other features.

Aside from traditional SEO software, the program has several additional features such as Marketing Plan and White Label designed to elevate the technical digital platforms to a whole new level.

The app has been developed so that everyone may use it regardless of knowledge or prior knowledge. You can also select a package depending on your preferences, but you aren’t paying a higher price for things you don’t need, unlike most SEO tools.




  • There is also a white label solution for agencies and SEO practitioners to produce customized reports for their customers and an innovative ‘Lead Generator’ tool to help you generate new leads for your company.

  • The website audit feature slithers every page with whichever website you want to audit, whether it’s yours or a competitor’s, and measures it on all critical criteria.

  • The on-page SEO checker provides a comprehensive update on how well your homepage is suited for a specific search engine. Each report includes a list of specifications and modifications that you should implement to boost your SEO.

  • The backlink checker will provide you with a comprehensive list of backlinks from every domain you join. It is also helpful for competitor comparison, as it allows you to study and review the backlinks of every other website. However, if you are researching your website, you may determine which links are the best and dismiss any wrong links or connections to sites that could be detrimental to your SEO. 

  • The backlink monitoring tool allows users to manually or automatically extract lists of your backlinks, and you can quickly sort out the links you may not need, leaving you with an accurate list of the links you will need.

  • The keyword suggestion tool will assist you in identifying profitable keywords for marketing strategies. SE Ranking has the most comprehensive keyword database possible, with over 2 billion unique search results and monthly updates from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!




  • SE Ranking has a keyword rank tracker that allows you to see how well the keywords are doing in different search engines.

  • SE Ranking is by far the most cost-effective SEO tool on the market. It is difficult to top given the features provided in the app and the customizable pricing choices.

  • There may be a lot you should do to refine the platform to get it in the best interest of Google and others. SE Ranking shortens the jargon and makes it much easier for companies to follow and evaluate SEO.

  • Custom updates may be scheduled to be delivered to clients immediately. You can also generate pre-structured models for unique leads that you can reuse rather than trying to design one from scratch per time.

  • If you reach your monthly plan’s storage limitations, you have the option of buying additional capacity for the month rather than upgrading to the next monthly plan.


  • SE Ranking is given what you anticipated it to be as a beginner’s SEO ranking tool. However, it is insufficient to assist people with making educated decisions about their websites with more experienced SEO professionals.

  • In comparison to other dedicated social media management platforms, SE Ranking’s social media management tools are limited.

  • You can’t access their API until you commit to their most expensive package, which is complicated since it excludes specific third-party integrations.



Optimum Plan

The plan costs $31 per month, and it includes the use of 10 websites, 25,000 pages for website audit, monitoring of 5,000 backlinks, keyword grouper, SEO/PPC competitor checker, marketing plan, and many more.

Plus Plan

You can avail of the Plus Plan at $71 per month, and the [lan offers access to unlimited websites, 150,000 pages for website audit, monitor 100 pages for changes, White Label, Subaccounts, and much more.

Enterprise Plan

This plan costs $151 a month, and it includes 250,000 pages for website audit, monitors 75,000 backlinks, keyword grouper, 750 pages on-page checker, API, 25,000 SEO/PPC database expansion, and so much more.


Compared to Ahrefs, SEMrush, and others, SE Ranking might not be the most appealing choice. However, it is undoubtedly the most logical option for SEOs trying to get the most bang for their buck. SE Ranking provides everything you need from an SEO tool and continues to grow over time. At this point, this tool has the potential to become a real contender in the coming years.

SE Ranking should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO solution. It’s a handy, low-cost product. So, what are you waiting for? The software has a free trial period, and we recommend you avail of that offer and make the most of it.

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