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It can be overwhelming for beginners to create a landing page. But, if you have the right WordPress landing page plugin, you can get rid of that feeling and say hello to an easy and convenient way to grow your business.

SeedProd is a full-pledged page-building software plugin for WordPress. With a huge number of active installs, it serves WordPress users by creating a beautiful and useful landing page that can convert visitors into leads. Business owners, bloggers, designers, and many others use it to succeed in their field and reach their digital marketing goals.


What is SeedProd?

SeedProd is a famous landing page builder for WordPress, featuring a maintenance mode and coming soon functionality. The powerful drag-and-drop page editor of SeedProd makes it easy to build any WordPress landing page without the help of any professional developers.

You can conveniently get started with SeedProd because of its growing library of customizable landing page templates. Any page element can be customized by pointing and clicking. Therefore, you can see the changes in real-time — whether you’re just collecting email addresses, promote a webinar, show a maintenance page, or increase sales. SeedProd has a landing page block and template to make the page-building process easy for you.

Why use SeedProd on your website?

Easy to use for beginners
SeedProd is the easiest solution to use out of the so many landing page builder plugins available in the market. Unlike the other page builders that can be confusing for the newbies, SeedProd happens to keep things straightforward and streamlined.

With the drag and drop builder’s help, it will be very easy for you to add or remove content quickly on the page. Any changes that you make in real-time can be seen inside the visual editor before publishing.

Various stunning landing page templates
The responsive landing page templates of SeedProd are its selling point. Each design is responsive and it will automatically adapt to any screen size or mobile device. You have the option to even start with a blank template and then build your design right from scratch in the drag and drop editor.

Options for point and click customization
Page customization is also easy because you don’t need to know what spacing, padding, and other design-centric words mean. Instead, there will be an option that you can click or move the slider so that you can see how they differ from each other.

Content blocks focused on the landing page
The page elements and blocks of SeedProd are completely focused on creating the best possible landing pages. You can guarantee that its features are beneficial to you and your business’ growth. You will not be seeing any effects, fancy animations, and widgets that you would not be using.

Built-in coming soon and maintenance mode
SeedProd can be used as a maintenance mode and coming soon plugin. With these modes already built-in, you will not be required to separate the WordPress plugins to get this functionality.

Powerful access controls
The landing page modes, coming soon, and the maintenance pages of SeedProd come with custom access controls. With the help of these, you can choose who can see your under construction website and who is allowed to see the custom landing page when visiting your website.

How much does SeedProd cost?

There are a variety of plans with SeedProd for every business size and budget. It is possible to keep SeedProd for free because their free version has every feature that you need to create a landing page for a WordPress site. You can freely access the landing page templates, maintenance and coming soon modes, SEO settings, custom scripts, Google Analytics integration, and so much more.

SpeedProd’s Basic plan is $39.5, Plus costs $99.5, Pro is $199.5, and Elite Plan for $299.5 per year. If you want to unlock their best features to create high-converting landing pages, you will need to get the Pro version of SeedProd.

Bottom Line

SeedProd is very easy to use and has a lot of powerful lead-generating features. You will find it faster than any other page builder plugin and is considered the best landing page building for WordPress. When we talk about the ease of use, the drag-and-drop builder of SeedProd is unmatched, as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge or technical skills.

If you are tired of finding the right landing page plug-in for you, Then you must try SeedProd! and experience first hand the convenience of years of optimization to meet their customers standards! With numerous wonderful landing page templates to use, you can never run out of ideas in creating your desired landing page and turn your website visitors into sweet leads for your business!

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