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If you consider email marketing to be a crucial part of your business, you must be looking for a top-of-the-line email marketing service. Trusted over 180,000 businesses worldwide, Sendinblue is a marketing platform that covers everything to engage with your contacts and build your customer relationships through targeted communication.

You have the option to cover your entire marketing funnel with this all-in-one solution for email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, SMS marketing, and Facebook ads.


Sendinblue features 


Plans and pricing
The unlimited contacts are included in all of Sendinblue’s plans, while the tiered pricing is based on the number of emails you send each month. The free plan has unlimited contacts and 300 emails daily. The Lite plan has 40,000 emails that cost $25, the Essential plan has 60,000 emails and costs $39, whereas the premium plan has 120,000 emails which cost $66.

● Easy to use
It is easy to grasp the Sendinblue user interface. You can also identify the key areas of the tool quickly. You will get the main menu at the top, and it will direct you to the automation, campaigns, contact management, and transaction email. You also have the option to switch the templates, emails, and settings from the sidebar menu.

● Marketing automation for SMBs
The marketing automation tool of Sendinblue is an easy solution for anyone who would like to build new workflows or for beginners who want to automate the basic email sequences. There are eight basic workflow templates offered by the tool to redesign and edit for specific tasks.

● New Integrations
There are several plugins added to the system by Sendinblue, and therefore, it can be connected to many analytics, CRM tools, e-commerce, and much more. Various plugins also include integrations with the likes of Google Analytics. Pros and Cons of Sendinblue


● Solid email automation
There is an array of automation options provided by Sendinblue that can cover the entirety of your email campaign. For each stage of the campaign, you can set up a group of parameters, and based on the rules you set; the platform will start performing the actions.

● Track the behavior of the customer
There is a tracker in this platform that helps you monitor your customers; actions when online. Besides setting email automation parameters, you can analyze which products can garner more attention from the target market.

● Map out the customer workflows
Sendinblue offers you the ability to build the customer workflows to reflect your marketing funnel to enact well-coordinated strategies. The actions of the platform are based on the activities that are suggested by the workflow.

● Personalized landing pages
With Sendinblue, landing pages can also be created and customized because it offers you solutions for email marketing campaigns and digital marketing campaigns. The drag- and-drop interface of the platform makes it simple to apply the layouts and design schemes.


● There is no support to avoid spam and lower bounce rate. Also, their marketing automation support is considered quite poor.
● Several tools and tutorials are missing in Sendinblue when you compare them to the competitors. So, the solutions for the agencies and partners are quite expensive and limited.

What makes Sendinblue different?

Sendinblue is one of the few companies present in the market that charge per mail that is sent, but their prices are head-on compared to its competitor. If you are sending 1500 emails per week to your contacts, you will find Sendinblue to be cheap and reliable. 
Sendinblue is generally cheaper among its adversaries and only a few of them can come close to its price. But it can become a lot cheaper for you if your list starts to grow past 5,000 contacts.


The major component for most online businesses is Email marketing, and there cannot be a better way to contact people for any business related topics but directly through email especially in the era of social media.
Do you want to maximize your Email marketing productivity without exponentially increasing your operating cost? Sendinblue is undoubtedly a great solution to help you minimize the additional operating costs and get a bigger slice of the revenue pie!

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