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There is a constant evolution in the ways we create and develop websites. There was a time when you need to code the entire website from scratch, but with the birth of website builders, you can now access website creation just by using the drag-and-drop tools.

Site123 is a website builder at the forefront of innovation — making it easy and quick for the users to develop a website. They have various well-designed templates, easy to integrate apps, and they also offer to sell the products through your website.

Their help and support features are the best as this prevents you from getting stuck with anything right from the get-go.

Site123 features


● Responsive
All the sites that are created using Sites123 are very responsive. You can stay relaxed and easy and guaranteed that your visitors will get an optimal user experience. Also, this site builder is helpful if you want to preview your site in different fit sizes.

● Free hosting
It has free hosting on a secured server with the side builder of Site123, and this means that your site is readily available for everyone just right after hitting the ’save’ on the site builder. You also have the option to use the custom domain with your site by upgrading to any of the paid subscription plans.

With Site123, your site is built by keeping SEO in mind. There are appropriate tags with HTML, and you can get automatic redirection from the old site if necessary. Site123 also generates a sitemap for your pages so that the search engine users can use it conveniently.

● Unlimited Sites
If you have only one administrative account, Site123 allows you to build as many websites as you want. However, it is worth noting that if you are using a paid plan, then you have to pay for each site individually on a monthly or yearly basis.

Pros and Cons of Site123


● Ease of use
Site123 is not at all complicated, as you have the option to pick a task that you like to accomplish. Also, as the best web builder options, Site123 templates are tablet responsive and allow users full mobility.

● Additional languages
You can add up to 5 different languages in Site123, and this is considered to be one of their outstanding features. However, it is only available for paid plan users only.

● Support
If you encounter a frustrating moment while using Site123, you can get in touch with their support directly through live chat. They are readily available on the same page as you are. Therefore, you can receive fast, accurate, and meaningful advice without having to leave the page.

● Plugins
You will find Site123 plugins to be very engaging and attractive. With these plugins help, you can enhance your website by having more profitable and captivating functions.



Categories and comments
Site123 can’t display categories, incorporating comment sections and archiving. If you consider these to be important to your blog, then Site123 may not be of much use to you.

● Social media
Social media must be high on your needs list, and Site123 allows you to link out various platforms. However, it is worth noting that it can only be displayed as an icon on the web pages; footer. One cannot embed any live social feeds. Site123 may not be the right fit for you if you want social media to play a notable role on your website.


For most users, Site123 is an excellent website builder. People use it to create business websites and online stores, as well as to make portfolios, galleries, and much more. It also offers an option to build landing pages and blogs of great quality to meet the needs of

For users who would like to create a website, Site123 is a cost-effective platform. Creating one feels like a walk in the park with their various well-designed templates, easy to integrate apps, and options to sell the products through your website, Site 123 can be your go to options when building a reliable website for your business!

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