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Every website, blog, business, and company focuses on getting to the top of the search results. Nevertheless, with only a few spaces accessible on Google’s first page, there’s a whole universe of rivalry out there vying for the same slot. Meaning, you’ll need to do more than just produce content and establish links if you want to rank better in the search results. Every day of the week, SEO must be evaluated, enhanced, and utilized.


If you own a website, you already know how essential SEO is, and you presumably also understand the value of using automated tools to help you achieve your SEO goals. That’s most likely what brought you to Sitechecker’s Keyword Rank Checker.




Sitechecker is a website checker that provides users with various scores based on a variety of factors that influence a website’s performance. The website crawler module aids in the detection of all technical SEO concerns on a website so that they may be addressed promptly to increase traffic. 

To guarantee good website health, users can uncover broken links, examine website structure, and discover top landing sites. They can use the keyword rank checker to analyze the Google ranks of their website domain. The software generates a list of ten suitable keywords that, if used correctly, can drive organic website traffic.

The on-page SEO checker also allows site owners to uncover technical on-page SEO issues harming the website’s performance. Users can quickly see meta tags, indexation, page response speed, and other flaws. 




  • It enables you to do in-depth technical SEO audits of individual pages as well as the complete website. Sitechecker manages your whole search process, from reviewing your present site’s SEO health to determining which efforts are working and which aren’t, as well as continually monitoring your SEO efforts to ensure your websites maintain competitive SERP rankings. A backlink checker is accessible for free.
  • Sitechecker can detect real and anticipated SEO issues at the domain and site level, suitable for amateurs and technical professionals. Broken links, incorrect redirects, indexing issues, incorrect anchors, misaligned content strategy, and SERP movement are all examples of these concerns. You can document these issues with audit reports.
  • The user interface and navigation are set up to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. The main features–SEO checker, SEO audit report, and SEO monitoring–are arranged to correspond to the stages of your SEO strategy. Each component provides information on your SEO actions, allowing you to build on good work or pivot away from bad.
  • How-to Fix Tutorials based on Google Search Console recommendations are included with Sitechecker. Similarly, the provider has a rich knowledge base that indexes guides ranging from the fundamental to the advanced, covering essential areas such as ranking and visibility, SEO tools, lead generation, and advertising. FAQs and product updates are also available in the knowledge base.




  • The software allows you to predict web consumer behavior and tailor your content accordingly. Similarly, the software notifies you of unusual actions on your websites, allowing you to avoid cyber attacks.
  • Google Search Console-based tutorials are also included with Sitechecker. It also works with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Keyword Rank Checker allows you to track changes to a website in real-time, which could provide you a competitive advantage.
  • This app is a free tool that you can use alongside your other SEO tools or with Sitechecker’s extensive selection of SEO tools.
  • It’s simple to check whether the number of bugs has decreased due to repairs or how many new bugs have surfaced as a result of website changes.


  • SEO concerns abound, and some of them may stem from the code itself. It’s critical to separate any SEO issues from code issues, and regrettably, Sitechecker doesn’t provide a thorough insight into this service.




Sitechecker is a very dependable and sophisticated SEO analysis tool that provides detailed, in-depth information. It offers a significant boost, such as enhanced security and access to a vast information base. To acquire a holistic view, you can examine a single website page or the complete site.

You’ll also have the opportunity to assess your company’s reputation and take steps to maintain it at a desirable level. Try their services now and up-level your business’ SEO!

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