Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency


If you are new in the biz, for sure, you are looking for a reliable website builder that can help you to achieve your desired layout — from its template to the overall design.

Living in an era where online business is growing faster, the last thing that we need is to get left behind. So, choosing the right web builder that can cater to all your needs is a must.

Squarespace has garnered the title of being the best website builder in the market. There are tons of expert reviews and comparisons spreading through the internet, and Squarespace is the one leading the game.

They offer solid points for their blogging feature and their fully responsive templates. They also have robust support for business owners looking for a sleek and modern template that can surely manifest an increase in conversions.


Squarespace was initially designed to provide versatility to its users when it comes to building their website. Being in the business since 2003, Squarespace has undoubtedly gained the trust of many business owners as well as different blogging influencers in the field.

They provide professionally constructed templates and have extra functionality that can suit your needs. Squarespace boasts in terms of its layout, mobility, and speed. Templates are built with curated styles that are visually appealing.

Furthermore, Squarespace is backing both native integrations and third parties that can cover many website use cases.




  • Visually Appealing
    If you give much value to your website’s visual appearance, then Squarespace is your go-to website builder. They are packed with comprehensively designed templates and an editor that offers integrations with various third-party services.


  • No need for coding
    You don’t have any coding knowledge or experience in building a website if you choose Squarespace. Also, the editors give you the privilege of inserting your HTML code to widen the customization of your website.


  • Mobile
    Squarespace was designed with mobile users in mind — they offer responsive designs and built-in mobile-optimized styles that are automatically activated when you view your website from your mobile.





  • It lets you push content on your social media networks quickly, and it also integrates accordingly with different well-known third-party tools such as Google Apps, Mailchimp, and Opentable.

  • Squarespace also comes with a built-in email marketing tool, so you don’t have to extract other software to do this for you. 

  • They also give you the ability to use their logo designing app to make professional-looking logos.

  • Squarespace enables you to create awesome yet straightforward videos because of its versatile video background feature.



  • Their GDPR compliance in the area of cookie consent is poor, and you need to exert an effort and invest in a third-party tool to enable your Squarespace website to comply fully.
  • There is no phone call support system available in Squarespace.
  • Payment gateways are limited only to PayPal and Stripe. Also, they don’t have a multi-currency selling feature, so if you want to make an online store that would cater to a global audience, Squarespace may not attract you.
  • We all know the importance of autosaving, and unfortunately, they don’t have an autosave feature for posts and pages.



They offer a free 14-day trial for their new users. In this way, they can attract more subscribers by letting them use their software within a period and surely making them want more.



This plan costs $12 per month, and this is perfect for a simple yet beautiful website. It includes a free custom domain, SSL security, unlimited selling of products & donations, 3% sales transaction fee, and many more.



The business plan is $18 per month, perfect for businesses of all sizes. It has unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs with unlimited bandwidth and storage, robust website analytics, free custom domain, professional email from Google, $100 Google AdWords credit, and the list goes on.



Choosing Squarespace as your website builder is a wise choice, especially if you want to make an appealing website. You don’t have to worry about its plugins breaking or other technical issues that may plague other platforms.

It offers an onsite SEO, so; there is no need to look for other software outside Squarespace. With its drag-and-drop interface, even beginners can use this with ease. It is a one-stop solution for purchasing and setting up domains and going live on your website.

Squarespace is steadily improving its platform, offers the latest features, and providing professional templates for anyone who wants to create modern, powerful, and functional websites.

Suppose you wish to broaden your website beyond its capabilities. In that case, Squarespace can assist you as it has a list of recommended ‘Squarespace Specialists’ that can support you from setting up, customizing, designing, photography, and many more! 


So, where else can you find something like that? Avail of their 14-day trial now and experience the awesomeness that they can offer!

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