Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Text Magic



Do you wish to send out a group message to your coworkers? Or are you a business owner that wishes to deliver SMS service notifications to your clients?


It is challenging to conduct such things through local service providers in each of these instances. Furthermore, the majority of phones do not enable bulk messaging. We’ll need to employ a product called Bulk SMS service to fix our problems. We may use this application to send messages to many people and plan and schedule them.


We all know that mobile advertising is still one of the most efficient ways to reach out to clients and generate leads. TextMagic provides businesses with dependable platforms for performing SMS marketing campaigns. This software is an all-in-one bulk messaging service that helps you communicate with your customers using cutting-edge SMS capabilities.




Businesses can use TextMagic as an all-in-one bulk SMS platform to send notifications, reminders, alerts, approvals, and SMS advertising campaigns. The mass text-messaging platform aids business growth by providing robust capabilities such as sending SMS emails to consumers, vendors, and employees. By logging into their accounts, users may send bulk SMS to over 200 countries. The platform also acts as an email-to-SMS gateway, transforming email messages into SMS and delivering them to cell devices.


Organizations may send text messages directly out of their apps using the SMS gateway API, which can effortlessly connect with other systems. The bulk SMS program enables 2-way SMS conversation and is accessible for both PC and Mac, allowing the users to send and read messages from a single platform. The SMS dissemination lists allow crucial emails to be forwarded as SMS messages, which improves effectiveness and competitiveness.




TextMagic’s different text messaging marketing solutions are accessible via their internet, desktops, or mobile app. You can simply create a message after logging into your account using the “Compose” option. It merely takes a few clicks to select a group of contacts, type a message, and deliver bulk texts. 


Customers could either manually enter contacts into each new message or integrate them into TextMagic from other apps. The program allows you to generate specific subscriber lists to improve your SMS marketing strategies.


Subaccounts let you share inboxes and contact lists with your staff, and each group member may schedule messages to go out at designated intervals while tracking delivery rates. TextMagic has a chat feature that allows you to communicate with your customers, who may then message you directly on your virtual number.

TextMagic also has API gateways that allow it to be integrated into almost any commercial software. They have a lot of tools and prewritten code on their homepage to help you with this. Non-programmers may use Zapier to connect TextMagic to countless other apps.




There are no sign-up or account fees with TextMagic. Instead, users employ a pay-as-you-go model in which they buy credit for their accounts and send text messages to their clients based on their balances.

Each SMS has a single standard price of $0.04, which means you’ll pay 4 cents for each text you send. To put it another way, if you send ten messages to ten separate contacts, you’ll spend $0.40.

There are also no commitments, and users can sign up for a 30-day no-risk free trial that includes free credit. TextMagic also comes with a money-back guarantee and the ability to discontinue at any moment.




The robust bulk SMS system guarantees accuracy and makes it simple for users to deliver short messages to customers, vendors, and employees. Using a single platform, users can effortlessly import contacts and manage lists. The email-to-text conversion means that beneficiaries are always kept up to date on crucial topics, and SMS responses are likewise sent as emails. Text messages can be received online using shared and dedicated lines, and global SMS coverage allows consumers, vendors, and employees to be reached across more than 200 countries and 1,000 cellular services.


The local apps for android or Ios provide users more bang for their buck by allowing them to send and receive text messages from anywhere, at any time. It has been proven that this comprehensive text messaging solution could improve company communications by encouraging a complete collaboration Dedicated virtual numbers allow recipients to receive SMS without first sending them one. SMS sender ID reveals the company’s name as the sender, which acts as a powerful branding tool.


The program allows the user to send long messages of up to 918 words in addition to small 160-character texts, ensuring that no critical information is overlooked. The app’s support for Unicode SMS and numerous languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and others, makes it perfect for multi-site organizations operating across various nations. Sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities make it easier to examine performance measurements and export data as needed. Voice call forwarding services help consumers and others respond to texts, while automated SMS processing rules allow for automated receiving messages.




  • It’s a realistic choice for smaller organizations that don’t utilize SMS as frequently as larger companies due to a basic yet scalable pricing structure.
  • Because there is no monthly subscription, businesses will not be priced out of specific functionalities like other SMS platforms.
  • Their coverage is more extensive than many other SMS providers, allowing you to reach out to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Generating message templates and importing contacts was also a breeze, and it significantly accelerated our workflow.
  • TextMagic has a lot of API tools and connections that let you connect it to other programs.
  • You and your team can interact on SMS marketing campaigns using subaccounts.



  • It can grow costly if you send a significant number of texts and receive comments from consumers.
  • Because many larger companies will not benefit from the pay-as-you-text system, their absence of pricing tiers compromises scalability.
  • A monthly cost is required for a virtual number, which may or may not be an issue for some, but was not explicit during the free trial.




TextMagic’s expandable services are ideal for a wide range of industries, including law firms, industrial corporations, eCommerce sites, banks, travel agencies, marketing firms, corporate offices, and so on.


TextMagic offers a wide range of services that may be used by several businesses wishing to expand their reach. Many small businesses have found their text messaging features extremely useful in retaining customers and engagement. So, if you’re one of the many people who needs a powerful boost in your marketing strategy, we recommend TextMagic for your business growth. Avail of their services now and expand your network!

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