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Virtual assistants may spend little enough as 5 hours per week to do everything from typing to scheduling and social media advertising.

Time Etc. could provide a sensible solution if you have mad secretarial abilities and need to work part-time from home. Starting salary is $11 per hour; however, assistants can request compensation raises regularly.



Time Etc. is the best organization that commonly recruits virtual assistants from their homes.

They profess to do more than 20,000 tasks every month for their numerous clients, created in 2007. These are mostly company owners and entrepreneurs from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Time Etc. doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy, instead emphasizing the need to thoroughly understanding a client’s needs, obstacles, and personality before carefully pairing them with an appropriate assistant. They devote a deal of time and resources to this approach because they believe that having a secretary who truly understands you and your company is crucial to your success.



Registration with TimeEct is free; simply sign up, and you’re ready to go. Clients are invoiced per second, with a variable hourly fee-based according to how many hours per month they sign up. The price per hour drops as the number of hours signed for increases. Clients are only charged for the number of work hours by the assistant, so if all of the hours are not used within a month, these rollover and are suitable for sixty days from the date of signing.

The procedure is straightforward: the client identifies the chores that need to be accomplished. The virtual assistant gets to work on them, informing the customer when the assignment is finished. According to how many hours the client needs, the hourly rate ranges from $25 to $21.



There will be some prerequisites that you must meet.

First and foremost, you must be an excellent English speaker. You’ll also require at least 2-3 years of assistant background.

A personal computer, a reliable and secure internet connection, and a designated work location within your house are also required. Aside from these qualities, you should also be proactive, disciplined, and pay attention to minor details.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you’re ready to start working as a virtual assistant for Time Etc.



If you’ve ever worked as a virtual assistant, you’re aware that the job description changes from time to time. It is entirely dependent on the client for whom you are operating.

As a Virtual Assistant, you will help your customer do certain chores to concentrate on other elements of their business. You have the appearance of an executive secretary. The only distinction is that you are not physically working with the boss. As a virtual assistant, your duties could include everything from writing blog articles to booking meetings, organizing travel arrangements, and even scheduling an appointment with your employer.

You must also be willing to give up a minimum of 5 hours each week as a Time Etc. home-based contractor. Once you are recruited, the firm has a policy that requires you to stay with them for at least one year.

Working as a virtual assistant has the advantage of never becoming monotonous because you are assigned different jobs at different times.



The procedure is not complicated, but it is time-consuming. Once you’ve been recognized as an assistant, you’ll be able to accept work right away, and you will receive client opportunities regularly. This feature is to get you connected with potential clients. Until you have a few clients, you will cease receiving daily opportunities and customer prospects so that you can focus on building relationships with the ones you already have, which is lovely and a terrific concept.



Rates range from $24 to $27 per hour, and then you can hire a talented and skilled virtual assistant for as little as $290 monthly.

Therefore, the more time you require, the more appealing the costs become, and you can scale up and down your hours as necessary at any moment if your VA is available.

You don’t have any long-term obligations, contracts, or expenses, just like most other virtual assistant businesses. Time Etc provides a special $50 credit for Virtual Assistant Associate visitors to try out their program risk-free meaning. You don’t have to put in your credit card details and a hundred percent money-back guarantee to assist in soothing the anxieties of first-time outsourcers. That’s not something you’ll get from a freelancer, and it’s certainly not something you’ll get from in-house hiring.



Timeetc.com is for businesses and people who would instead acquire hourly labor packages with a fixed monthly cost than wait and see how much it would cost at the end of the month. It’s for users who have work that needs to be done but would prefer to hire an assistant to do it for them instead of doing it themselves.



Time Etc. looks to be popular with both consumers and staff, and the business aims to be quite attentive to employee feedback. Whenever a virtual assistant complained on the Glassdoor website because their hours didn’t even qualify her for a salary increase despite working with the company for over a year, Time Etc. replied with a new compensation formula that allowed her to receive a rise.



Take your time and be aware of your commitments. You can use the Time Etc system to enter your schedule and communicate it to your clients, so they are aware of your accessibility. Keep in touch with your account representative and keep them updated about your customers.

As many people went through obtaining client after client and change after change, we considered this helpful. When a client opportunity is offered to you, take your time to find out if the client wants to work with TE long term, on a trial basis, for a short period, or is unsure, as this will influence your decision to take on more clients.

If you do have other jobs during the day, be conscious of your time zone and working hours, as the customer may send the task over and require an instant turnaround, which could affect you when you both work in the same time zone.



If you want to work as a virtual assistant from home, Time Etc. is one of the finest locations to start. On the other hand, if you’ve never utilized virtual assistance before, or if you’ve had a bad experience with another service, we strongly advise you to give Time Etc a try.

Try and avail of their services now and grow your pot of money and career with the help of their versatile programs!

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