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Written by Michael Lamb Agency



Nowadays, we can see many website builders claiming that they can make website creation quick and easy. Weebly is one of these website builders and considered one of the most reliable, robust, and user-friendly in the market. Using Weebly, anyone can launch an online store,  blog, or personal website without writing a single line of code. And there’s more! You can also get a personalized domain, email address, free hosting, modern themes, and templates!


Weebly features and subscription options


Having more than 50 million websites, Weebly is one of the largest site builders in the market. Unlike its competitors, it has always been interested in improving its platform’s technology rather than campaigning for its brand. However, after acquiring the e-commerce company ‘Square,’ we noticed a slower rollout of the new features. Though this sends mixed signals to the users, it doesn’t mean that things are deteriorating. There is a lot of value in strengthening what you already have.

Weebly’s free website builder program allows users access to several useful tools. You will get access to Header Slideshow, search box, video player, and audio player. You can also embed any document to the web pages. There is password protection for selected pages, an increased file size limit, and a feature that easily allows visitors to upload files to the website.

The best part about the free website builder is that it never restricts how you design your website. You will have full control of the HTML and CSS access. And if you also happen to be savvy with coding, Weebly allows you to create any design that will suit your website.

There are four Weebly pricing plans. There is the free plan, the Personal plan that starts at $9 a month, the Professional plan at $16 a month, and the Performance plan at $29 a month.




  • There is a visual design in Weebly’s drag and drop editor interface, and you will not be required to spend time installing or finding any plugins like a WordPress site.

  • You can add flash content by adding an element and using the custom HTML element known as embed element, where users can easily embed any audio and video codes.

  • Displaying of ads is the downfall of the majority of the free site builders.  Weebly promises that they never show ads, including the free sites.

  • It is as easy as a copy-paste work to add the analytics or webmaster tools verification code. You can add any script to the individual pages or the entire site by just passing it in the code section.





  • Every website builder claims that Weebly is the easiest one to use.
  • It has themes that not only look great but can perfectly adapt to any mobile device.
  • With only a few clicks, you have the option to add additional features to your site. You will find a good selection of apps and third-party ones.
  • If you aren’t the only one working on the website, you can easily assign other editors and give them access.
  • Weebly makes it possible for you to open specific parts of your website only to the members. Whether to make the registration publicly available or not is up to you.


  • Compared to other website builders, you cannot easily move the site elements around with Weebly.
  • The presence of many third-party apps is an excellent opportunity to create a multiple languages website. But for some reason, Weebly blocks traffic from Russia, China, and Ukraine.




Ease of use. Strong e-commerce store. Responsive templates. Weebly has got the basics covered and added a lot of extras to create a profound website-building experience for users. If these are what you are looking for, then choose Weebly!

Weebly is among the top free website builders in the market, and there are many reasons for that. You will find it very intuitive to use, and its simple drag-and-drop platform has created a very effective way for everybody to build their websites swiftly and painlessly. Weebly also makes it easy for you to edit or add a bit of code. And for those who know how to program, the sky is your limit. Check out Weebly today to experience what others have been talking about!

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