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Written by Michael Lamb Agency

WordPress Review





Nowadays, anyone can create a website without knowing much about web design, development, or coding. Using the right tools and resources, you can easily do that, whether you want to build a website for yourself or your business. WordPress.com is one of the most popular platforms through which you can create any website, a personal blog, an online community, and even a network of websites.






How to build a website for free?



You can make your website for your business or service exactly the way you want. It doesn’t matter whether it is the first time you are building a site or a long-term pro. The following steps will be helpful to develop your website for free.



  • The first step is to choose your domain name.
  • In the next step, you need to register your domain and sign up with the webs hosting.
  • You can then set up your website, and WordPress is no doubt the best option for you.
  • With the bare website alive and kicking, it is now time to give it a feeling of your own by picking a good design, customizing the design, and then add the branding elements.
  • It can be hard to imagine a website without any pages because pages are the essence of a website. In the next step, you add content and pages to your website.
  • The menu will be what your website visitors will be using to go from one page to another, and that is why you need to set up a navigation menu in the next step.






Benefits of owning a website for a small business or service



There are several benefits to having a website, especially for small business owners. However, it is quite shocking that more than half of the small businesses don’t have a website. Modern people tend to spend around 8 hours a day on the internet, influencing the way we work and live, so web presence is essential for any successful business.



  • Small businesses need to have an effective web presence in the initial stage to get a decent profit in the future.
  • As the website is accessible all the time, a wider audience can reach it due to accessibility.
  • At the start, you would like people to get informed about your business, and you would like them to know that your company exists and what it is doing.
  • With the help of a website, you can do a straightforward online promotion of your small business.
  • A website also helps you get customer insights by tracking the users’ behavior on your website.



What is WordPress, and how does it work?



WordPress is known to be a website builder and a content management system. This is open-source software that anybody can use to make any website that they can imagine. It works by combining some of the core files, files that you can add or install, a database, and a dashboard that helps you manage the whole thing.









Pros and cons of using WordPress



WordPress used to be a blogging platform at its inception, but now it is considered the largest CMS in the market. The following are the pros and cons of WordPress.






  • Because of its origin in blogging, WordPress is a robust content management system.
  • There are more than 54,000 plugins available to WordPress users. The majority of the plugins are free, but there are also a few paid plugins. With these plugins, you can customize and enhance any WordPress site.
  • Nowadays, the importance of SEO best practices is at an all-time high. With these SEO plugins’ help, you can optimize your meta tags, content, keyword focus, and a lot more.
  • There are thousands of themes available with WordPress. All these themes are very reliable when it comes to the themes being responsive.
  • As WordPress is open-source software, so anyone can use it. The themes like Astra and plugins are free, whereas the programmers can share the code online openly.






  • It is vital to your WordPress site’s health to install updates, but it can become a nuisance if not done thoughtfully.
  • As WordPress is an open-source platform, therefore, it is also attractive to potential hackers.






What is the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?



WordPress.com is known to be an all-encompassing website building platform. It is 100% free and doesn’t require external hosting or even an external domain name. With WordPress.com, you only need to head to it, signup for a free account, and start building your website or blog quickly that is professional looking.



On the other hand, WordPress.org is open-source software used as an operating system for websites and blogs. This software is entirely free, but if you don’t pay for a hosting account that the software rides on, it can be useless.






Bottom Line



The best part of WordPress is that it is flexible and easy to use and is, therefore, enough to make different websites. Because of its robust features, many of the top brands in the world use WordPress to power their websites, and thanks to its low price, it is really the best site builder for small businesses.



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