Written by Michael Lamb Agency

Written by Michael Lamb Agency


WordPress is known to be a backbone to support millions of websites. Therefore, it is not surprising that various web hosting services exclusively focus on hosting one of the best content management systems, the . It is a high-quality host with WordPress specific security, excellent uptime, daily backups, cloud platform flexibility, and real-time threat detection.


specific features


If you like to make sure that your website is fast-loading, secure, and optimized, then the is worth considering. There are quite a few WordPress specific features, including quick and easy migrations from the old host and support for setting up the staging sites. There are many performance tracking and diagnostic options, and a free Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificate is a significant security measure.

  • Performance

    Performance is what can make or break a web host. Fortunately, there are several performance-enhancing features offered by . There is a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. also has a Page Performance Solution that helps you to make improvements and tests your site.

    There is also an add-on named GeoTarget that helps to optimize your site for the specific regions. There are also server locations offered by , and these include the data centers in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

  • Page speed and pricing

    Its loading speed in different locations is 1.61 seconds in New York, 1.67 seconds in Melbourne, and 0.39 seconds in San Jose. There is only one type of service offered by , and it’s the Managed WordPress hosting and a few tiered plans that you can choose from. All these plans differ dramatically in the resources they offer and the number of sites they cater to. The plans are Startup at $30 per month, Growth at $115 per month, Scale $290 per month, and the premium and enterprise plan.


How is different from Bluehost?


entirely focuses on the managed WordPress hosting, while there is a wide variety of hosting services offered by Bluehost. With , you can only get hosting, but Bluehost also provides email and other cPanel functionality. Therefore, Bluehost can be a better option for the ones who are looking for a complete online presence.

If you already have an email set up and are focused on managing hosting solutions, the has more advanced WordPress features. There are four managed WordPress hosting levels with both these companies, including personal, business, professional, and enterprise. is one of the standards when it is about managed to host, and Bluehost can be a viable option for a WordPress optimized hosting plan.

Pros and Cons of




  • WP offers excellent uptime and has superb customer service.
  • One can easily create a WordPress site with just one click.
  • Due to the highly scalable caching system, its performance is excellent.
  • There is an automatic backup and disaster recovery included for free with every plan.



  • might be pricier than several other hosting options.
  • Its hosting is only for WordPress.


Comparing and Kinsta options


Though the managed hosting services of have quite a few features in common with Kinsta, there is undoubtedly a significant gap when we examine the overall platform, which includes security and scalability. offers unrivaled integrations with the best-in-class infrastructure, while open-source software like Varnish and Nginx works to power the site with ease and agility.

The offering of Kinsta is rigid, as it is a platform built on Google Cloud, and therefore, it forces the businesses into a predefined box. On the other hand, plans offer all sorts of flexibility to your company regarding the features that you need and the number of sites to grow at your own pace.




can offer high performance and stable WordPress hosting environment and even beyond that. There are many extra features like security scanning, automatic backups, and WordPress updates that can take some of the stress out of managing a website. You can also access more than 35 high-quality premium themes to offset the cost of hosting your site. The developer-friendly and easy to use features like development and staging environments and transferring the sites to clients are the best reasons to consider .

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