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Michael Lamb Agency brings to the plate, a professional, personalized strategic approach for your business growth and digital marketing needs.

We are passionately committed and dedicated to bringing excellent service to our Clients.  If you are in need of help, we would love to hear from you. From process to delivery, our focus and passion is in helping you achieve, succeed, and deliver your message. 

Social Media

Consider the time-saving benefits of letting someone else handle your social media marketing. Our teams strategic approach to consistently engage and message your business across several platforms, ensures mission critical results. We offer several affordable monthly or annual plan options so you can focus more on running your business.

Web Design

If you never had a website before or need an update that's professional, sharp, and clean, our Website designs are sure to get your business noticed! We also offer optional cost effective monthly service plans to maintain and manage your site. This includes regular scans , backups, plugin updates and ongoing management and maintenance to keep your site updated and running smoothly.

Digital Marketing

Whatever your objective(s) may be, through a variety of Digital Assets, we offer a targeted, result-driven digital portfolio approach. From building your online presence, influence, attract new customers, clients, and/or staff. We accomplish this with a strategic and engaging call to action campaigns. While each business has different unique needs, we create a process plan and monitor the targeted results.

Business Consulting

Have you considered working with someone to help your business develop a strategy by analyzing and putting in place a digital portfolio that brings growth and increase to your business? Please Click here to find out more about Business Consulting for your Business and/or Service.


The best way to grow your eCommerce business is to have a functional reliable website and online infrastructure in place to communicate, manage, and service your online customers.
Let us help you put it together.

Help & Support

Our team is available to help and guide you depending on what services you are seeking and require. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to it!

Site Audit

Solutions Blog

Having the right tools are essential for running a successful Business. 

Below are Some Business Solutions that we recommend you consider for your growth and success.


Website Options
Designing your own website is very time consuming but possible with these website builder applications.

If you have the patience and are persistent these options offer you affordable monthly plans with alot of e-commerce and add on features.

—> Website

code, programming, hacking

Web Hosting 
If you decide to use the most used web application WordPress,(this is what we use) you will need a Web hosting service.

The prices vary depending on a varsity of factors. See what we recommend as the best and most affordable solutions.

—-> Web Hosting

email 101

Email Marketing Solutions
In this day and age, email marketing would certainly be considered by most to be an important key solution to growing one’s business. 

See what we recommend and the key some of the players in the email marketing space.

—> Email Marketing


Graphic Design Applications
Create your own digital ads for social media, email, websites, newspapers, magazines publications, and more.

There are many options and some have minimal learning curves.

Find out what we recommend.

—> Graphic Design

Our Customers

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Meet Michael Lamb

Michael is a driven and passionate entrepreneur working and partnering with all types of businesses since 1997. He really enjoys working and helping his clients reach their maximum growth and potential.


Michael Lamb

Business Consultant and Strategist

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